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Remodeling Your Bathroom on a Budget

Remodeling your bathroom might sound like an expensive proposition; however, with careful planning and the right advice, options are available to update a bathroom on a small budget. In fact, once you’re armed with some money saving bathroom renovation tips, you’ll find that when it comes to bathroom remodeling it’s surprising what is possible.

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Solving Storage Problems through Bathroom Design

Our bathrooms are typically the smallest rooms in our homes, yet they tend to see the most traffic. They also require storage of various items: linens, toiletries, beauty and hygiene products, cleaning supplies, and more. That’s why finding bathroom storage solutions that fit within your design is vital. Efficient bathroom storage simplifies your life so you know where everything is and is accessible when you need it.

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18 Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen on a Budget

At LJ’s Kitchens, our designers can approach kitchen remodeling with limited funds and provide expert advice for remodeling on a budget. Our staff enjoys the creative challenge of remodeling your kitchen to your satisfaction and without going over budget.

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Kitchen Island Solutions for Nearly Any Space

During the colonial era, America adopted the kitchen island and there’s a good reason why it became a tradition. Whether you want a larger workspace, additional storage, or a place for family and friends to gather, kitchen islands are a great feature and work well for most kitchen layouts. At LJ’s we’d love to discuss the possible kitchen island solutions to transform your space.

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11 Best Bathroom Design Trends for 2017

It is important to balance trendiness with classic elements when deciding on a bathroom design. Remodeling a bathroom is an expensive home improvement that you’d like to last for a few decades. We’ve compiled 11 of the best bathroom design trends that will help guide you to this end.

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Kitchen Design That Will Never Go Out of Style

You have high expectations for your new kitchen, but thoughts of a renovation raise your anxieties at the same time. Mistakes are costly. For all the effort, you want to love your new kitchen for years to come. So how do you achieve timeless kitchen design? You don’t want to live with regrets for the next twenty years.

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Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2017

Are you no longer in love with Tuscan style? Perhaps the outdated linoleum on your kitchen floor makes you cringe. You want to replace, remodel, or update, but what? Do you know the latest kitchen design trends? Our design experts at LJ’s Kitchens & Interiors have sorted out the kitchen design trends for 2017 and discarded the fads so you won’t make any missteps.

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