The kitchen is often the heart of the home. Family and friends gather around the kitchen island or a nearby table for food and conversation. As kitchen designers, we take pride in helping you create a functional, innovative, safe, and inviting space. A magnetic induction cooktop is just one of the many ways that we can help you elevate your space.

Peace of Mind

Magnetic Induction Cooktops aren’t only an innovative technology for your kitchen space, they are a peace of mind. Traditional cooktops, whether they’re gas, electric, or glass top ranges, have always posed their share of risks. If you have young children, or even clumsy relatives like many of us do, the safety feature of a cool touch of the magnetic induction cooktop will be perfect for you. This induction cooktop uses magnetic fields to directly heat the cookware, ensuring only the pan gets hot, leaving the cooktop cool to the touch. This method significantly decreases the potential for burns and accidents.

This sleek cooktop isn’t just about safety, the efficiency of speed cooking and easy cleanup are some other reasons we love it. Water boils in the blink of an eye, sauces thicken at record pace, and all while you’re using less energy. Cleanup is a breeze with a simple swipe to the smooth cooktop.

Unraveling the Magic: How does it Work?

At first glance, an induction cooktop looks similar to a regular glass top stove. But the technology under the surface is what makes it unique. Here’s a simple breakdown:

  1. Place a pot or pan on the cooktop.
  2. This action triggers an electric current through a coiled copper wire underneath the cooking surface, producing a magnetic field.
  3. The pot or pan completes the magnetic connection and begins to heat up rapidly. It’s that simple. The heat connection breaks the moment you remove the pot, leaving the surface cool to the touch.


Why Choose Magnetic Induction?

  1. Speed: Forget waiting around for water to boil or pasta to cook. With induction, water can boil in as little as 2 minutes!
  2. Safety: One of the top reasons families are making the switch. The surface remains cool, removing fears of accidentally touching a hot burner.
  3. Effortless Cleaning: The smooth glass surface ensures spills and splatters don’t become a persistent mess. A simple wipe down, and it’s as good as new.
  4. Eco-friendly: If you’re environmentally conscious, you’ll love that induction cooktops are 5-10% more energy efficient than conventional ranges. Plus, no gas means better indoor air quality.

However, It’s Not for Everyone

While the advantages are undeniable, it’s essential to be aware of a few considerations:

  1. Different Cooking Experience: Some individuals love the visual feedback of a flame or the glow of an electric burner. Induction cooktops lack this, although some brands offer visual lighting cues as a solution.
  2. Initial Setup Cost: Transitioning from a gas range might require an outlet upgrade, which might mean an additional expense with an electrician.
  3. Potential Noise: Some users report a faint hum or buzz due to vibrations in the magnetic field. Opting for heavy-bottomed cookware can mitigate this.
  4. Cookware Compatibility: Not all cookware works with induction. Ensure your pots and pans are induction-friendly, or you might need a minor investment in new cookware.

At Lj’s Kitchens, we’re not just about creating spaces; we’re about fostering the joy and wonder of cooking—safely, efficiently, and with a style that stands the test of time.