Getting new custom countertops isn’t exactly a small project, but the process goes much more smoothly when you work with professionals like LJ’s Kitchens. We do everything in our power to make everything as easy for you as we can. What should you expect? We’ll walk you through the process of getting custom countertops from LJ’s Kitchens.


Step #1: Getting Started

Now there are many different styles and materials to choose from for your new countertops, but for any situation, you’ll need to know how much material you need. This is why the first step is measuring.

There are two ways most of our customers go about this. Some of them bring in their own measurements that they or their contractor took. From there we can start looking at materials and styles which will factor into the quote.

The other option is to have one of LJ’s designers come out to your home and take the measurements for you ourselves. There is absolutely no cost to you for this service, and we can ensure accuracy. This also helps us make the most precise quote possible.

Initial project capture and measuring.


Step #2: Countertop Selection

Within our showroom, we can show you dozens of real-life countertop examples so you can know exactly how it’ll look and feel in your home. (You can also learn more about our different countertop materials in this blog.)

Material displays in LJ’s showroom.


Step #3: Preparing for Installation

Typically after you’ve chosen your countertop material, the actual fabricator of the countertop gets involved and comes out to measure your space again. During this visit they use digital laser measuring technology that creates a perfect digital template of your space. We cannot stress the value of this digital measuring enough. This technology allows us to create the perfect fit for your countertops, making them completely flush to walls and corners! That’s what truly makes your countertops custom.


Using laser measuring for accurate sizing specifications.


While your old countertop will need to be removed, we can leave them intact until the new countertops have been created and are ready for installation. Typically we come back out the day before the new countertop is to arrive to remove the old one. This means you’re only without counters for a day. LJ’s can even handle the tear-out of your old countertop and any necessary plumbing work if you don’t already have a contractor or person in mind for that work. We’re all about providing you with the services you need to make your installation run smoothly.


Step #4: Installation

During the actual installation stage, LJ’s can be as involved as you need us to be. Our goals are to minimize disruption to your kitchen, while also ensuring a quality end result.

Get Started with LJ’s

Are you ready for new custom countertops? Then you need to come visit our showroom in Mt. Pleasant! We have so many different material examples to look through. Explore through granite, corian, marble, and quartz countertops in various colors and patterns. Whether you’re looking for a clean, traditional aesthetic, or something more daring, we’re sure to have countertop material options that inspire you.