Walk-in showers have become a prevalent design choice in bathrooms over the last few years. Not only can walk-in showers be included in addition to a standard tub, they add a sense of luxury to the bathroom.


Easier to Clean 

We’ve seen a lot of consumers switch to solid surface shower walls and custom shower bases. They have little to no maintenance. Walk-in showers with glass doors mean you only have to take care of the glass and don’t have to deal with wet, moldy shower curtains. Some larger walk-in showers don’t require a door which means you won’t have to worry about cleaning the glass!

This walk-in shower features a glass pull-door.


More Room

Swapping a traditional tub for a walk-in shower in your bathroom design can really change the aesthetic of the space. When creating a look for your bathroom, having the shower walls match the vanity top can create a seamless look that ties the space together 

Even bathrooms with less space can still feature both a tub and a walk-in shower.



Walk-in showers, especially those without doors, are much more accessible than a traditional tub/shower combo. A walk-in shower is perfect for someone who uses a wheelchair, has joint pain, or has other mobility issues. Even if you don’t have mobility issues now, future accessibility is something that you should consider. 

Built-in shelving in the wall.


LJ’s Can Help You Plan!

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This homeowner opted for marble walls, a unique tile pattern on the floor, and a textured wall for aesthetics.