You dream of a kitchen and bathroom built to your specifications and your lifestyle. Part of your daydream, however, probably didn’t include the three weeks to several months that you will have to manage without those rooms! You can, however, survive a kitchen or bathroom remodel if you plan well and stick to the plan. LJ’s has a few tips for surviving a remodel to help in this regard. The idea of being inconvenienced to this extent when you already have a busy lifestyle can make the daydream seem more like a nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be.

Kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling Tips

  1. Wait for all supplies to come in
  2. Box it up
  3. Clear a space
  4. Dust sheets
  5. Keep pets out of the construction zone
  6. Hand sanitizer
  7. Makeshift kitchen
  8. Reuse your kitchen
  9. Take a shower pre-construction
  10. Makeshift bathroom
  11. Embrace camping
  12. Reuse your old bathroom
  13. Remodel one thing at a time?
  14. Stay calm


Wait for it

Don’t start construction until all supplies except for the counters have arrived. Counters will be measured later once everything is in place; this ensures the counters will fit. Also, check all boxes to ensure nothing is broken. If you’re missing something it can delay construction. This creates additional time when you’re using a makeshift bathroom or kitchen while nothing is happening. If you’re sacrificing time away from your kitchen or bathroom, you want something to show for it each day!

I’ll have a box for that

Box up everything in the room. Take this as an opportunity to get rid out outdated medicine, worn out towels, cookware you no longer use, and other items.

Clear a space

For either a kitchen or bathroom remodel, clear out a path from the front door to the room being renovated. While we are as careful as possible, avoid having your fine china on display during this time!

Dust sheets

Let’s face it. Construction is messy. There will be a lot of sawdust, so draping dustsheets over furniture and other belongings makes clean up easier.

Keep pets out of the construction zone

Set up a safe place for your pets so they don’t get underfoot or into something dangerous. Make up a room, or part of the house, that’s closed off from construction, with food, water, toys, and a soft place to sleep. Buy them their favorite treat for their sacrifice! 

Hand sanitizer is your friend

Running water won’t always be available, so hand sanitizer fills in those gaps.


Make a makeshift kitchen

A kitchen remodel is a great excuse to eat out. Great food, a time with family, trying new things, and – best of all – no dishes! Nonetheless, you can get sick of eating out and the bills add up. Pack dishes and utensils in plastic containers. Think about what kitchen items you will need the most and box up the rest. Now isn’t the time to make homemade noodles out of zucchini. Now is the time for simplicity. Pick a room or space to set up a microwave, coffeemaker, electric kettle, conventional toaster oven, slow cooker, and mini refrigerator. Find a table to use as “counter space.” Find a sink to serve as your temporary kitchen sink or use paper plates, cups, and napkins along with plastic flatware. If it’s summer, fire up the grill or have a picnic! Cereal, soup, toast, fruit, popsicles, and PBJ are easy. If your freezer is available, pre-prepare meals like chili, store in meal-sized proportions, and heat them up in the microwave and add crackers.

Reuse your kitchen

Waste not, want not. This familiar expression couldn’t be truer than when it comes to re-modeling your home. Talk with us about what you want to save and we can suggest ideas as well. Whether it’s cabinets or plumbing fixtures, you can reuse them or donate them to a charity, such as Habitat for Humanity. Old cabinets can also provide storage in your garage or create a space inside for toys and art supplies for the kids.


Take a shower the night before construction

After that, use the bathroom of a family member, friend, or neighbor. Or, wash your hair in the sink or buy dry shampoo. Another option that’s quite refreshing is going to the swimming pool and making use of the showers there – plus you can get in a few laps while you’re there!

Make a makeshift bathroom

Set up a tray near a sink with dental care products. Then you don’t have to retrieve frequently-used items from a box.

Embrace camping

Camping supply stores offer non-indoor-plumbing solutions. And you thought staring at the stars was the only reason to camp!

Reuse your old bathroom

Salvage pieces from your old bathroom. Reframe your mirror for a new look. Give your cabinets new hardware and a coat of fresh paint.


Take one thing at a time

Consider undertaking a kitchen or bathroom remodel one at a time. That way you have access to a sink you can designate for kitchen or bathroom purposes throughout the kitchen or bathroom remodel process. This results in more space for getting ready in the morning or preparing food. 

Stay calm (and remodel your kitchen or bathroom)

Consider which tips for surviving a remodel apply to you and plan ahead. Think of your kitchen or bathroom remodel as an adventure and keep thinking about how happy you’ll be when you have your dream bathroom and kitchen!

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