So much to fit, so little space

Our bathrooms are typically the smallest rooms in our homes, yet they tend to see the most traffic. They also require storage of various items: linens, toiletries, beauty and hygiene products, cleaning supplies, and more. That’s why finding bathroom storage solutions that fit within your design is vital. Efficient bathroom storage simplifies your life so you know where everything is and is accessible when you need it.

Solving storage problems can be achieved through innovative bathroom design; this can include adding cabinets, shelving, and vanities, as well as unconventional ideas.

Implementing design solutions

Depending on your bathroom and your needs, there are a variety of bathroom storage solutions with great possibilities. When solving storage problems, consider some of these ideas:

  1. Armoire
  2. Wall cabinet
  3. Slender cabinet
  4. Vanity niches
  5. Shelves up high
  6. Shelves over the toilet
  7. Corner shelf
  8. Custom shelving
  9. Oversized drawers
  10. Storage tower
  11. Storage ladder
  12. Ladder-styled towel rack
  13. Towel racks on the back of the door
  14. Hanging baskets
  15. Wall mirror vanity
  16. Sink skirt
  17. Stacked wicker baskets
  18. Shower caddies
  19. Spice racks


  1. Armoire – Instead of sneaking in storage, celebrate its function with an armoire that brings visual interest to the room and ties everything together. Make massive storage space the centerpiece of the room without apology. Solving storage problems doesn’t have to be tricky!
  2. Wall cabinet – If you have open wall space, why not put it to good use? Store things in a wall cabinet and it is tidy and it is right in front of you when you need it.
  3. Slender cabinet – There are even slim cabinets that can fit in small bathrooms. Slip it between the toilet and the wall for, surprisingly, a lot more places to store toiletries.
  4. Vanity niches – By staggering shelves artistically on the wall you draw attention to your vanity as a showpiece but also end up with some extra storage in the process. Bonus points if you learn how to fold towels in new ways to make it fun for guests. Vanity niches give you a nice palette to start with.
  5. Shelves up high – Especially if you have high ceilings, don’t let that space go to waste! Solving storage problems often means considering all spaces as an option.
  6. Shelves over the toilet – This is an often-forgotten-about space. There’s plenty of room, so put that wall space to good use!
  7. Corner shelf – Especially if you have a small bathroom, a corner shelf is easy to slip in to give you that much more storage.
  8. Custom shelving – Especially if your bathroom has an unusual layout, consider custom shelving. On a sidewall, break up the space with wood to create compartments that leave the wall exposed. The geometric shapes will keep the space looking streamlined while providing you a lot of square inches to place your things.
  9. Oversized drawers – If you want more space, larger drawers will give you that. Instead of going with standard-sized drawers, why not make oversized ones part of the look? It’s unique and utilitarian.
  10. Storage tower – Solving storage problems often involves making your belongings part of the aesthetic appeal. Roll up some colorful towels, arrange them in a pattern on your tower, and your essentials become decoration.
  11. Storage ladder – A storage ladder gives you storage space and flexibility. If you like to change things up with your furniture every now and then, a storage ladder makes this process simple. You can also store items in baskets and change them out with the seasons.
  12. Ladder-styled towel rack – Lean a towel rack on the wall for a new looks and a way to store a lot of towels in a small amount of space without looking cluttered.
  13. Towel racks on the back of the door – Instead of one hook, why not install three horizontal bars? Solving storage problems often involves asking questions about conventions we never thought to change.
  14. Hanging baskets – Who said they were only for fruit? Solving storage problems in one room can be the perfect solution for another.
  15. Wall mirror vanity – Use your full-length mirror like a medicine cabinet, but hide a LOT more storage behind it.
  16. Sink skirt – If you have a small bathroom with a pedestal sink, put a skirt around it and use the space under the sink for storage. It’s a lot easier than converting the sink into one with cabinets and looks cute! Since it doesn’t take much fabric you might even be able to get a good deal in a scrap bin at the fabric store.
  17. Stacked wicker baskets – Take two or three wicker baskets getting incrementally smaller and stack them in a corner or under a pedestal sink. An excellent way to add storage space in an elegant way. Plus, you can buy or paint wicker to match your bathroom.
  18. Shower caddies – Solving storage problems is all about creativity! Instead of just using one in the shower, pick up a couple to use as storage containers under your sink. They’re just the right size for that sort of thing!
  19. Spice racks – Instead of storing spices, use these racks for your bathroom items. Who said you have to use products for their intended purposes?

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