The Best Things Come In Small Packages (or Square Feet!)

While it’s a room in your home that sees the most traffic, your bathroom is typically the smallest room, which makes finding ample storage and managing clutter a chore. If it’s a small bathroom, these issues are multiplied. LJ’s is here to offer some tips and sound advice for how you can maximize space in a small bathroom. Our guide will show you how effective small bathroom design is done!

Small bathroom design

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be large to be cute and act as a spa-like retreat. Plus it can be practical. Small bathroom design is less expensive to execute – and, most importantly, there’s less of it to clean!

LJ’s Small Bathroom Design Tips

Maximize space in a small bathroom with this advice.

What are do’s and don’ts when selecting color schemes?

Neutrals and light pastels are best for small bathroom design. However, you can also choose a dark color if you use a semi-glossy paint so that it reflects light. Keep to only two colors so that the design doesn’t get too busy and feel smaller. Streamlined is the key! One color can be your main color and the second color will function as the accent color. If you paint stripes, make them big! This will give the illusion of more space.

How does lighting affect design? What should people look for when choosing lighting?

Lighting makes rooms look bigger. Hang fixtures from the walls. If you hang lighting from the ceiling, it will make the ceiling appear lower. Wall sconces are fabulous for small bathrooms.

What products/design elements are must haves for small bathrooms?

When it comes to small bathroom design, you want to be functional in your choices. Instead of displaying knick knacks, use functional elements such as swabs and cotton balls displayed in a simple, elegant jar. Use towels as a pop of color. Store personal hygiene products in drawers or baskets to keep the space clear. This will also make it appear less busy – and bigger!

Does your bathroom really need a bath?

A shower stall is smaller, so if you only shower this is a good option. However, bathtubs don’t take up that much room. Try to arrange the bathtub so that it is in on the far wall. This will prevent the tub from breaking up space. A good design in a typical rectangular bathroom would have the door open with the sink, then toilet, then bathtub.

What can small bathrooms do without that people think are “must haves”?

Some typical bathroom features you might do without include towel bars on the walls. Try hanging them on the back of the door or buy a shower with a built-in towel bar. If possible, avoid adding elements that stick out from the wall. Also consider opting out of a shower door that pulls out. This takes up a lot of room. Consider a door that slides or a clear shower curtain (to give the illusion of more space).

How do you maximize the space?

  • Use hooks instead of bars
  • Tile to the ceiling to make the space extend visually, making it appear taller.
  • Install tiles on an angle.
  • Install toilets and sink faucets that come out of the wall to conserve space.
  • Use a narrow trough sink. Anything that looks chic and saves space is great!
  • Mirrors are your friend.
  • Hang art that shows perspective. This will add depth to the room.
  • Install a door that swings out.
  • Carve out storage space that reseeds into the walls rather than shelves that stick out, breaking up the visual flow of the wall’s straight line to the back of the space.
  • Get creative with texture rather than color. Keep color simple.
  • Install a floating countertop.
  • Install a corner sink.
  • Use curved lines on features such as your sink to avoid accidentally bumping into hard corners.
  • Add flowers. Flowers look great in all bathrooms, but they help keep a simple space welcoming, not stark.
  • Add fancy or fun soaps. Since you want to only have functional elements in your small bathroom, why not make the functional something that makes you and guests smile?
  • Add quirky art. Keep it simple, and then add one (or two) elements that give your bathroom some of your personality.

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