The pantry is the staple storage center of the kitchen. Generally used for dry stock, pantries can also house silverware, plates, and other home goods. The pantry’s location generally depends on the layout and size of the kitchen.

Considering a kitchen remodel? You could increase your storage capacity with a new pantry, but what style works for your home? The most popular pantry styles we see at LJ’s Kitchens include:


Traditional Closet Pantry

Many home layouts include a closet either within or right next to the kitchen area, making a perfect pantry spot. These spaces usually aren’t large enough to step inside, but they do have doors that allow for hiding groceries or countertop appliances when having company over.

Tips for Upgrading Your Closet Pantry: Many closet pantries use open shelving, which could easily be removed and replaced with special pull-out shelves or drawers. These bring items out of the closet and into your view.

This pantry includes pull-out shelves on glide tracks.


Walk-In Pantry

A walk-in closet is much more like an oversized closet with open shelving. Walk-in pantries are especially popular at restaurants with their large capacities.

Tips for Upgrading Your Walk-In Pantry: If your remodel is going to include a new walk-in pantry, accessibility should be your first priority. You’ll want to allow family members to enter in and out without causing kitchen traffic jams.

This kitchen includes a walk-in pantry with a glass-windowed door.


Built-In Cabinet Pantry

Adding pantries right into your kitchen cabinet architecture is very popular in modern kitchens. Plus, built-in shelves and lazy susans can increase your storage space. One popular feature is pull-out drawers, which bring items out of the cabinet and to your reach. Beats bending over and digging around in an unorganized cabinet.

Tips for Upgrading Your Cabinet Pantry: Adding lazy susans and lazy charlies can help increase storage efficiency and accessibility, especially for pantries in the corner.

This kitchen uses all custom matching cabinetry to hide both a refrigerator and a pantry. 


Freestanding Pantry

Rather than being their own space in the home, a freestanding pantry looks like another tall cabinet in the kitchen. The perks are that they can be placed anywhere, don’t require any major remodel to add, and can match your surrounding cabinetry. Freestanding pantries range widely in style and price depending on manufacturer, but LJ’s works with trusted vendors, so you’ll have your choice of many great styles.

Tips for Upgrading Your Freestanding Pantry: The only way to upgrade this pantry is to buy a whole new cabinet. However, there are many styles and features to choose from, from sliding doors to pull-out drawers. Need help finding the right freestanding pantry for your kitchen? Our designers can show you all sorts of options!


Butler Pantry

Butler’s pantries are an old staple from a time of lords and servants. Butlers and servers would prepare plates and drinks in this space between the kitchen and the dining area. In modern settings, the butler pantry is typically used to store dishware, and other kitchen needs. They can also house small appliances, wine fridges or prep space.

Tips for Upgrading Your Butler Pantry: Installing hanging hooks inside a butler or walk-in pantry can increase your storage space on the underside of cabinets or even on unused walls. These hooks can hold mugs by the handle, aprons, hand towels, or other kitchen utensils.

A modern take on a butler pantry. Includes prep space, storage for kitchen appliances and is away from the main serving area.


What Pantry is Right for Your Kitchen?

Not sure which pantry you should include in your kitchen remodel? That’s why working with the designers at LJ’s is so great! You may not know all of your possibilities, but after discussing your needs and normal kitchen habits, we can help you plan a kitchen that’s both visually appealing and functional. Contact us today or visit our showroom and see even more options for yourself!