A Place for Everything

Boxes and bottles and cans, oh my! If all that your pantry inspires is anxiety, you’re overdue for a kitchen pantry makeover. At the end of the day, meal preparation shouldn’t result in drudgery, disappointment or panic. You’ll be eager to get dinner started when you use these inspiring kitchen pantry makeover ideas.

Do you only have a corner cabinet to serve as your pantry? Do you have a walk-in pantry outfitted with floor to ceiling shelving? Regardless of your pantry’s size, clutter and chaos can reign. Take a lesson from grocery stores for your kitchen pantry makeover.

Your pantry is your personal, scaled-down version of your favorite grocery store. If you need baking supplies, you know exactly which aisle to head to. At home, create a designated shelf. Likewise for other categories that make sense for you: snacks, breakfast, or paper goods.

Grocers place the most often purchased products at eye-level. You should follow suit. Keep your go-to items within easy reach. Heavy items belong on lower shelves or the floor. Pulling heavy items off the top shelf is potentially dangerous. Little-used items should go up top.


Make a kitchen pantry makeover part of your spring-cleaning ritual. Organizing might be your main goal, but you should think health and safety first. As you sort through the clutter of boxes, bottles, and cans, check expiration dates. Toss out anything that is beyond its shelf life.

Once you’ve purged, group like items together. Then be honest with yourself. Before you put things back, ask yourself what you really use. All that expired food should tell you something! Face it, you buy cakes from the bakery; you rarely make them from scratch.

If your bag of potatoes sprouts eyes because you never have time to slice or dice them, do you really need space for a potato bin? Use that precious space in your pantry for something else! Buy your potatoes boxed or frozen instead.

Functional and Fabulous

Who says functional has to be boring? These three basics of function need to be in place to create a well-ordered pantry. However, storage can be beautiful, too. You decide the choice of materials—wood, wire, glass, ceramics, metal, or plastic. Colors and patterns can create any mood you like.

Shelves are the backbone of a pantry

Begin your kitchen pantry makeover by assessing your shelving. First, thoroughly clean shelves. Wipe down wire shelving. Protect wood shelving with shelf paper. Pick a color and pattern that makes you happy.

If your shelves are adjustable, take advantage of that fact. If they aren’t, consider inserting mini-shelves for your canned goods. Another option is filling bins and baskets with small items to make use of otherwise wasted space.

And if your space is woefully cramped, look for other handy spots to supplement your pantry. Over-the-door shelves can quickly turn that mudroom door into the perfect place for additional canned goods.

Canisters, baskets and bins are the building blocks of a pantry

Most pantries are kept behind closed doors, but with more kitchen designs incorporating open shelves, consider it an opportunity to add pizzazz. A row of orderly apothecary jars filled with pasta or beans is both practical and pleasing to look at.

Ceramic canisters on the countertop are not only convenient but also add another layer of color, texture, or pattern to your kitchen. For out-of-sight solutions, clear plastic stackable containers keep everything neat, tidy, and space saving. Containers give you endless options for organizing your kitchen pantry makeover.

Labels are the lifesavers of a pantry

If you use clear storage containers, take the extra step and label each one with its contents. Cornstarch and flour can look alike at a quick glance. With labels, you’ll always know what you need to add to your shopping list, and everyone in the family will know where it goes back on the shelf.

Everything in Its Place

A kitchen pantry makeover demands organizing skills, a sense of design, and access to products that are functional and beautiful. Whether you need help with organizing, design, or products, LJ’s has what you need. And our showroom will inspire you!

With fresh eyes and creative products, we can retrofit your cabinets. Or we can start from scratch and plan the perfect pantry from the ground up. Whatever your kitchen pantry makeover needs, our staff is ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

In no time you’ll have a pantry that you’re proud to show off! Stop in today and visit our showroom or Contact Us to discuss your pantry makeover.