Building a home or remodeling? There are many choices to make when it comes to planning a new kitchen: which countertop material should you go with? Should you include a kitchen island? Where do you place the sink, your cooktop, and the refrigerator?

The secret to planning your kitchen lies in remembering the most important function of it, and that’s to prepare meals! What do you normally like to cook and eat? Do you do a lot of pan-frying, or frequently bake? The way you use your appliances will inform your choices. Since cooking is the most important priority in your kitchen, you should begin with the choice of which type of oven and cooktop you want.


The Benefits of Choosing a Range Oven

Your typical range oven includes everything in one package, and that can help condense used space in smaller kitchens. Range ovens are easily found in gas, electric, and even dual-fuel for both! Range ovens have a traditional appeal and can give kitchens a more industrial look rather than a modern, contemporary feel. It all depends on your design preferences.



The Challenges of Range Ovens

Ranges come in many different sizes to fit your kitchen, but most tend to only have one oven available whereas wall ovens can oftentimes have a double oven. Ranges need to be hooked up to a gas line, so it can be challenging to place them into islands in the middle of a kitchen. 



The Benefits of Choosing a Wall Oven and Cooktop

Wall ovens can be placed within your kitchen cabinetry to create a streamlined, almost-seamless look. They’re electric so they can be placed anywhere along your walls. The major advantage of wall ovens is that they make handling hot food much easier with no need to bend over. This is especially helpful with heavy pans. Wall ovens also typically include two full ovens, which helps with cooking capacity.

Since your range is separate from the wall oven it can be placed nearly anywhere, even on your kitchen island. You can also customize your range to exactly the style you prefer since it isn’t fixed to your oven choice. A popular choice for standalone cooktops is induction burners, which are ideal for creating a modern, contemporary kitchen. You can learn more about induction cooktops here.

Wall oven and induction cooktop example.


The Challenges with Wall Ovens and Cooktop Combos

Buying a range oven is typically cheaper than having to source both a wall oven and cooktop. There are also installation and maintenance costs for both to consider, but if your range oven breaks down you’re without any cooking ability unlike when your wall oven breaks. 



Which Oven Style is Right For You?

The choice between a wall oven or a range oven comes down to both your use cases and your design preferences. Do you know you want a kitchen island? Perhaps that is where you should be including your cooktop or sink. Do you do a lot of baking? Go for a wall oven that allows for both capacity and easier handling.

If you still aren’t entirely sure, that’s okay! Working with a designer at LJ’s Kitchens & Interiors can help you create the perfect kitchen for your needs. We can help you increase your workable prep area, storage space, and make your kitchen more inviting for guests! We work with top vendors when it comes to countertops, appliances, and cabinetry. We’ll work with your budget and assist with the whole process from planning to installation. Want to visit our showroom? Schedule an appointment today!