Does your home have an open floor plan? If not, perhaps it should be considered in your dream remodel. An open floor plan means there are no walls between the kitchen, dining spaces, and living areas. Open-concept designs offer a grander sense of space, openness for maneuverability, and other great benefits. While knocking down an entire wall may seem like a serious undertaking to include in your renovation, it may be worth it. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider an open floor plan for your home remodel or new build.


Makes Spaces Feel Bigger

You could do an entire addition to your home with a renovation, but those are incredibly costly. The more affordable way to help increase your home’s space is to take down a wall or two and create an open floor plan. Instead of several smaller rooms, you now have one grand flowing space!


Everyone is Together

In the typical home structure, everyone is sealed away in separate rooms. Open floor plans allow everyone to be together even if they’re using different areas of the house. This can be especially appealing for parents who want to be able to keep an eye on kids while working in the kitchen.


Easier to Enjoy Natural Lighting

Natural lighting certainly beats lamps and artificial lights. Walls and partitions block lighting, while open plans allow natural light to flow through the entire home. Rooms that once didn’t have access to a window now can!

Perfect for Entertaining and Gathering

Typically at parties, everyone ends up gathering in one room to socialize. Having an open floor plan makes this so much easier since most of the home is one big space. It’s also easier to fit many people into a bigger space and still have the ability to move about. Plus, whoever is preparing food for the party still gets to be involved in the conversations with everyone!


Great Sense of Cohesion

Open floor plans offer a great design opportunity for giving your entire home a cohesive look. Colors and themes can flow from the living room to the kitchen to the dining area. With walled-off rooms, this cohesion gets hidden. If you ever plan to sell your home, you can vastly improve your real estate value with a beautifully designed open concept.

Open Floor Plans Do Have Some Drawbacks

While we love helping our clients design open-concept homes, they may not be right for everyone. While it can be a blessing to be able to carry a conversation from the kitchen to the living room, it can also come with drawbacks when you’re trying to escape the noise and get some privacy. Open plans also tend to mean more cleaning. If the living room is messy, then the whole space feels messy! Finally, they can be slightly more expensive to heat and cool.

Let LJ’s Designers Help Plan Your Space

Not sure how you would embark on transitioning your home into an open floor plan? The designers at LJ’s Kitchens can help. We have decades of experience transforming homes and know exactly what obstacles and construction challenges to expect. Your home’s structure may not be able to safely support an open floor plan, so it’s better to plan with professionals. Find out for yourself, visit our showroom and speak with our designers about your dream of an open floor plan!