No Cookie Cutter Designs

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Whether you’re building new or you’re remodeling, you want a kitchen to match your dreams. You might assume that a big box store will give you the widest choice and best prices, so you need to see what sets us apart from the big box stores. Big box stores offer cookie cutter design. Whichever big box store you shop, you’ll find the same choices. That’s because big box stores are concerned about the bottom line. The products they provide have to appeal to the mass market. Here at LJ’s, we believe cookie cutters are for cookies, not kitchens! We have access to cabinetry companies you’ve heard of and many you won’t find at a big box store. Having a wider selection of cabinets for you to choose from is what sets us apart. You’ll find exactly the style and quality you want. You never have to settle for close enough. Perhaps you’ll be lucky and find a big box store with professionally trained kitchen designers, but chances are you won’t. As long as all you want is a basic layout with standard cabinets, you’ll end up with a kitchen. But will it truly be the kitchen of your dreams? Or will it be a mass-market version of a dream kitchen? At LJ’s, what sets us apart are our designers. Great designs begin with the best kitchen designers. We’ll work with you to use our expertise to produce a design that works for you. Cookie cutter isn’t good enough!

The Glass Slipper

Big box stores offer standard sizes and layouts. You had better hope that your kitchen has standard measurements to match! If not, your kitchen will end up like Cinderella’s stepsisters—trying to squeeze cabinets into a space they don’t fit. LJ’s Kitchens offers custom cabinets to go with our custom designs. That’s what sets us apart: Your cabinets will fit the space perfectly. We design cabinets for your kitchen, not a generic kitchen. Custom is our standard. We’ll cover every detail with you. We’ll guide you through the style of cabinet, finish, and even customize the interior. But don’t stop there! We’ll make sure that the countertops and backsplash and appliances all work together in a cohesive design.

Uniquely You, Uniquely Us

Big box stores offer what appeals to most buyers. What sets us apart is that we offer what appeals to you. We stay on top of the trends. We know what’s hot. But we never lose sight of what you want. If you want marble it doesn’t matter to you that the big trend is quartz. We know that soapstone and concrete make great countertops, too. If that’s your choice, we’ll work with you to create an amazing kitchen that suits your taste. We won’t limit you to this year’s trendy choice. If you have a special need, LJ’s has the expertise to deliver the perfect kitchen.

  • Does your kitchen need to be handicap accessible?
  • Do you need commercial quality appliances to launch your home-cooked meal business?
  • Do you keep a kosher kitchen?

From a tiny house to a mansion, your kitchen poses unique challenges in design. Our staff is trained and ready to take up that challenge. No big box store comes close to delivering what we can do. And that’s what sets us apart.

The Whole Enchilada

When it comes to kitchen design, LJ’s Kitchens offers the whole package. We provide custom design and personal service regardless of your budget. Come see us before you place an order with a big box store. You’ll discover for yourself what sets us apart. We’re with you through the whole process. No detail is too small for us to consider. We’ll even make sure you have a temporary kitchen set up during a remodel! Would a big box store do that for you? We’re invested in seeing your project through because it’s our reputation on the line. We’ll make sure that plumbing, electrical, tiling, and carpentry all meet our standard of excellence. We won’t leave you with a less-than-perfect kitchen. So give us call at  (989) 773-2132 and set up an appointment. Let’s get started on your dream kitchen! And when it’s complete, you’ll be saying, “Bon appétit!”