Award Winning Tips to Live (or Design or Build) By

If you’re a designer or builder, you try to make an award winning kitchen for every client, on every project, every time. It’s a lot to live up to. Is there a formula for success? Not exactly. However, we’ve put together a list of tips to follow that will help you create an award winning kitchen every time!

How do you stay ahead of trends when designing an award winning kitchen? What should designers and builders look for?

You can approach this a few different ways. Experts suggest looking to fashion, looking to trendy big cities, or keeping things timeless.


It takes more time to design and build a house than it does to sew a shirt. Therefore, fashion has the edge when it comes to designing what’s next. While a pair of pants might seem far removed from colors for your client’s kitchen, design in our culture has a way of infiltrating all facets of our lives.

Trendy cities

With housing trends, what’s “in” usually filters down from big cities to everywhere else. Keep abreast of what designers and builders are doing on the coasts. In a few years it will be what’s current in the rest of the country. By the time your client’s award winning kitchen is built or renovated they’ll still be ahead of the curve!


This is the best idea, but ultimately it’s up to the client. Classic never goes out of style so your client doesn’t have to renovate a perfectly fine house, or live with a house they can’t wait to wear down and replace. If they resell their house, it also makes potential buyers able to picture their family living there. Your client will sell their house quicker and get more for it.

Timeless award winning kitchen options include Mid-Century Modern, Shaker, and antique styles.

How do you work directly with builders to ensure design stays consistent and keeps your client’s vision?

This doesn’t usually happen, but those at the top of their profession say it’s vital: Designers, architects, builders, contractors, and suppliers all need to meet together to discuss the project before even the foundation goes in.

Miscommunication makes for costly mistakes. Misunderstandings also can lead to inefficiency and waste. The design concept can get lost in translation. By meeting together, you ensure everyone is on the same page, with one vision.

When designing condos or apartments, how can a contractor ensure they are maximizing the space?

An award winning kitchen needs windows! Windows are one of the best things one can do to make a space look bigger. It extends the space to the outside, giving the room the illusion of being larger.

Another thing contractors can do is gain an understanding of what the client will be using the space for. If someone loves to cook, a bigger kitchen relative to the rest of the apartment could be the wisest use of the space. Creating a design in a U-shape can also help fit amenities into a kitchen without looking cluttered. Find out what the client wants and we’ll find the solution!

An open-floor concept is also a great way to go. When designing an interior, it’s important to break up the space into distinct areas, but the open concept makes the client feel as if they are in a bigger space.

What value does LJ’s Kitchens and Interiors bring to builders, contractors, architects, and designers?

You want to work with businesses to improve the finished product and add value. LJ’s offers builders, contractors, architects, and designers the services to get the project done on time, on budget, and above clients’ expectations.

Are you ready to create an award winning kitchen? Looking for someone reliable to work with? We have a lot to offer:

Builders & Contractors

  • Help you determine the best solutions for your projects
  • Offer years of experience helping to deliver affordable solutions
  • Easily sources the materials you need
  • Have the ability to source specialty items
  • Keep your projects on schedule


Architects & Interior Designers

  • Help determine the best solutions for the job
  • Offer product lines from leading vendors
  • Have the ability to source unique items
  • Can accommodate limited spaces and other challenging floor plan layouts
  • Meet scheduled milestones and deadlines
  • Complete projects on time and under budget


Let’s Partner Up

At LJ’s we love what we do and we’re dedicated to our clients. We are always growing our list of preferred contractors. Our goal is to develop mutually beneficial business relationships with local providers.

If you are seeking a dedicated and reliable partner for your projects needs, we invite you to Contact Us to discuss creating an award winning kitchen together!




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