In our business, we’ve heard it all: “There’s no counter space! We need more drawers! We don’t have enough storage!” Are these the three things in your kitchen that could be driving you nuts? If so, then it’s time to update your kitchen.

We wish everyone could simply double or triple the square footage of their kitchen, but that’s not realistic for many clients. When you have to keep the footprint of your current kitchen, you might consider giving up on your dream.

No worries. At LJ’s our philosophy is that when you update your kitchen you should never settle for less. We won’t let you give up on your dream. Small spaces simply challenge us to get our creative ideas flowing.

We’ll find ways to make your kitchen so efficient that you forget how small it is. So try these ideas on for size:

Lack of Counter Space

We have yet to hear a client complain that they have too much countertop space. But frankly, we’ve seen countertops that offer plenty of space—they’re just cluttered up with too much stuff! So when you update your kitchen, give your current counter space a second look.

  • First assess what you currently have sitting out on your counters. Does everything need to be on display? If you use the item frequently, fine, but you likely have items that can be stored elsewhere. Don’t let your precious countertops become drop zones for anything and everything.
  • Maximize your countertops by adding stacked shelves or under-cabinet bins. A narrow shelf against the backsplash doesn’t reduce your usable counter space even while it adds tremendous storage for smaller items from spices to mugs. Likewise, under-cabinet bins increase your storage without taking counter space. Everything you store in them is tidily kept off your counters.
  • Kitchen islands, particularly ones on wheels, provide extra counter space when you need it and can be rolled out of the way when you don’t. If your kitchen is especially small, substitute a kitchen cart in place of a rolling island.
  • What else is already counter height in your kitchen? Use your stovetop and sink! Cutting boards are designed to fit over your sink and stow easily.

Larger boards can accommodate your stovetop. Cover the burners when you need a baking station to roll out your piecrust and tuck it away when you’re cooking. Brilliant!

Drawers vs. Shelves

A common desire when you update your kitchen is more drawers. Drawers are great—in the right place for the right reasons.

  • Base cabinets are deeper than upper cabinets, so they’re perfect for heavier and bulkier items, such as pots and pans.
  • Drawers also work well for plates, bowls, and mugs when you fit them with pegs to keep your dishes from sliding.
  • Pullouts are basically deep shelves that slide out like drawers. These are smart for small appliances. Without the sides of deep drawers, it’s easier to lift the mixer out when you need it.

Shelves are perfect for upper cabinets, which aren’t as deep. Nothing gets lost in the back. Just store lightweight items overhead.

Lack of Storage

When it comes to storage, the chef in the family often dreams of a walk-in pantry. But when you update your kitchen even small adjustments can pay off in big ways.

  • Don’t overlook your windowsills. A narrow ledge is enough to line up an impressive array of spices.
  • Use over-the-door wire shelving for small pantry items. Think beyond the pantry door. How about the door between the kitchen and your mudroom or basement?
  • Pegboards aren’t just for your garage. Paint them the same color as your walls to blend in or choose a bold accent color for contrast. What works for carpenters’ or mechanics’ tools works for a chef’s tools, too!
  • Curtain rods. Stack them in a window or hang them on an empty wall. Then hang your pretty dishtowels for a splash of color, freeing drawer space for something else. Or use s-hooks to hang cooking utensils. Use your imagination!

Putting It All Together

Whether your kitchen lacks counter space, adequate storage, or enough drawers, LJ’s has the solution to update your kitchen. We never lack ideas to give you a kitchen that lives large even when it’s tiny.

Call us at (989) 773-2132 or Contact Us when you’re ready to maximize your space so you can store more nuts and stop feeling nuts!







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