The bathroom can be a hectic space. Everyone needs in and out each morning, and everyone needs to keep plenty of toiletries handy. A small bathroom can quickly become cluttered or feel claustrophobic.

Sometimes you don’t have the square footage to knock down a wall and expand a small bath. Here are a few tips on how to utilize your existing bathroom space as much as possible:

Lighter Paint

A lighter shade of paint will help to make your bathroom look bigger and brighter. You can even paint the wall trim and molding a color lighter than your walls as well. This contrast will make the room feel even bigger.

Natural Light

If you already have a window in your small bath, perfect, don’t get rid of it! Being able to get sunlight into the room and seeing the outdoors from that space will make it feel larger. If you don’t have any natural light coming into the room, consider adding a window or skylight if possible.

Artificial Lighting

If natural light is not possible, be strategic with your artificial light. Don’t hang lighting from the ceiling as it will make the ceiling appear lower. Wall fixtures are perfect for small bathrooms.

Vanity & Cabinetry

Does your current set-up work best for your small bathroom? A lot of the time, rearranging furniture pieces in your bath or replacing cabinets will help to ensure you’re using your space wisely. LJ’s can even order custom size vanities and cabinets that are in between standard sizes to make sure you’re getting every possible inch of usable space!


Make sure the room doesn’t feel busy and crowded. It’s best to implement storage that can bring order to your bathroom essentials and put as much out of sight as possible. If you have to keep some essentials out like cotton swabs, place them in a pretty jar!

Magic Mirrors

Add a mirror to make the room appear bigger and brighter by reflecting natural or artificial light.


Let LJ’s Help You Design!

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