These days, your phone is as smart as a computer. Your watch and speakers are as smart as a computer, so why shouldn’t your kitchen be? Although smart kitchen appliances have been around for a while, prices have begun lowering, and these smart appliances are becoming much more commonly found.

For those of us who feel the need to squeeze even more activities into every minute out of the day–a smart kitchen is really the way to go. Imagine a busy morning getting yourself and your kids ready, but you’re planning on hosting a dinner in the evening. As you pull in to drop the kids off, you realize, “Oops! I forgot to start the load in the dishwasher.” Instead of heading back home, simply open up a connected mobile app and start the dishwasher remotely! Voila! Clean dishes for your dinner guests.

Smart appliances can even integrate with smart home devices like Amazon Alexa and can be voice-activated from anywhere in the home. Alexa can preheat your oven, brew coffee at your command, and more. New smart refrigerators are being built with internal cameras so you can view your current food inventory from the grocery store on your mobile app.

Here are some of the great features that could help make your life more manageable: 


  • Notification when the oven is preheated
  • Notification when the timer is complete
  • Current oven temperature
  • Internal temperature probe reading so you know when the meal is finished cooking


  • Notification when the fridge door has been left open 
  • Maximize energy efficiency by lowering the refrigerator’s power consumption at different times of the day
  • Customize to your needs (e.g. ramping up ice production prior to a party or saving energy in vacation mode)


  • Adjusts the amount of salt used per wash to the hardness level of your water
  • Monitor cycle progress
  • Start a new cycle remotely 
  • Receive alerts when rinse aid is low


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