The master bathroom may be the one that gets all the attention, but a guest bathroom can play just as important a role in your home. Here are a few things you can do to make the space feel welcoming to any guest.


If your guest bathroom only has a pedestal sink, it’s time to upgrade to something with more surface space. Being unable to set anything down is no fun for guests, so provide them with enough counter space to house their favorite toiletries from home. We’re not saying you have to invest in a his and hers style sink, but enough surface area to set down a hair dryer and a few other essentials is a must.


Cabinetry is an important piece of any bathroom – it doesn’t matter if it’s the master or the guest washroom. Quality cabinets can stand up to wear and tear no matter what visitors you have over.

Open Storage Solutions

When it comes to guest bathrooms, consider cabinets that have open storage. That way your guests can immediately see what amenities are available to them and where the towels and other essentials are located within a moment’s notice.

A Bathtub and Shower Combo

A combination tub and shower is the most egalitarian way to make sure a variety of house guests can get squeaky clean. It makes everyone happy – people who enjoy baths, people who would prefer to shower, and parents who need to bathe small children.

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