Your time in the kitchen shouldn’t be filled with stress; trying to find a home for every little appliance and utensil or hoping you can put everything back in the cupboard the right way so that nothing falls out. If your home is lacking in proper kitchen storage solutions, here are some great ways to utilize your space and create a highly functional environment.

Lazy Susans

Corner cabinets can be a bit awkward and may not always fully utilize the space. Adding Lazy Susans to these corner cabinets help to free up any dead space and ensures that nothing gets lost at the back of the cabinet, because you can always spin it around to face you!

Coffee Station

Creating a dedicated coffee station keeps everything at the ready for your morning routine. You can even tuck a coffee nook away behind a cabinet door which can help to streamline your kitchen as well as keep your countertops clear and neat!

Bread Drawer

A bread box sits on top of your counter taking away valuable space. Instead, opt for a deep bread drawer to store your baked goods. Then add an acrylic lid to seal in the freshness!

Cutting Board Insert

A cutting board insert is perfect for keeping your board at the ready in an easily accessible place, but without making it a staple in your kitchen’s decor. 

Multi-Storage Pantry

While everyone may not have the space to dedicate to a more traditional pantry, adding simple storage solutions to a cupboard or two in your home can really maximize your space and allow for better organization of your canned and dry goods.

Baking Sheet Storage

The size and shape of your baking sheets can be a bit awkward, especially when trying to find a perfect home for them in your kitchen. Vertical dividers can be installed inside your cupboard to easily organize your cookie sheets, platters, and baking trays!

Sink Utility Tray

Don’t waste the space right below your sink any longer! Installing a Utility Tray in the dead space below your sink will help to keep sponges and scrub brushes out of sight!

LJ’s Can Help

What storage solutions are you in need of in your kitchen? LJ’s can create a custom plan for you so that you can enjoy a sleek, functional space. Call or visit our showroom today!