You don’t have space for a dedicated home office. You tried setting up a workstation in the bedroom, but you don’t like working in your haven for rest and relaxation. How about making space in your kitchen or dining room area for an office? You’ll be surprised how easy adding a home office can be!

We hear you objecting, “But I don’t have enough room in my kitchen!” We understand. We deal with crowded cabinets and insufficient countertop space all the time. But adding a home office doesn’t have to mean adding square footage to your house.

We have plenty of ideas for carving out a nook or cranny in your kitchen or dining area for a home office. You’ll be impressed with how productive and efficient you’ll be when you follow our tips for making space for an office.

Looking with Fresh Eyes

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where the action is. It makes sense to create a home office where you spend most of your time. But if all you see is cluttered countertops and crammed cabinets, we can help you see past your cramped quarters and embrace opportunities for adding a home office.

  1. Rethink your junk drawer. If it’s junk, purge it! Then outfit that drawer with office supplies. You might even have space to stash your laptop in the drawer when it’s not in use! Be sure to keep the counter clear of clutter and choose a spot where there’s an outlet to plug in your power cords.
  2. Revamp that built-in desk. Try swapping a corkboard for a white erase board, which wipes up quickly. Then use kitchen organizers to keep your office supplies in order: mason jars, ice cube trays or even a wine rack.
  3. Retrofit your kitchen island. You already have seating at your island, so now take part of the storage for making space for an office. If your island has a drawer for pots and pans, consider converting it for your printer.
  4. Re-envision a closet. That under-used broom closet might serve you better as your home office hub. Install a shelf at desk height and tuck in a stool that will store underneath. Use the vertical space for your message board and to stash your office supplies. Add an outlet, and you’re in business! Just close the door when your work is done.

Hungry for more ideas?

The kitchen works well for adding a home office for those who find it convenient to access it for on-the-fly tasks, such as paying bills. It’s also handy as a homework spot for your student. You can cook dinner and keep an eye on your kids.

But more people are working from home and need a spot that’s free of distractions. Making space for an office where you eat could be your solution. Let’s be honest. How often does your family sit down together at the table for a meal?

If breakfast is on the run, no one is home at lunch, and dinner is on the go, here is a menu’s worth of home office ideas to satisfy any appetite.

  1. Turkey with all the trimmings. If your dining room is reserved for the holidays only, it could be the ideal place for adding a home office. Your table doubles as a desk. And it only takes a moment to stash the laptop when Thanksgiving dinner rolls around. Repurpose the china hutch for your printer and office supplies.
  2. Daily dining. If you eat frequently enough that clearing the table is a hassle every time you need to work or clearing your desk for dinner is a drag, make room for a dedicated armoire or secretary. Choose a style to complement your décor. When closed, it blends into the background. When open, you’re all business. Just pull up a chair.
  3. Neglected nook. With breakfast on the run, that little dinette designed for morning coffee and a croissant has been lonely. Why not keep it company with coffee and a computer? With only a little effort, you can ditch the placemats or coasters for a desk set and surge protector. That baker’s rack is perfect for decorative boxes filled with paper, supplies, and hanging files.

Á là carte

With so many options, you can customize your home office to suit your needs. However, with so many options, it might also be difficult to make up your mind. LJ’s Kitchens has the recipe for success.

Our design experts can guide you through the process of adding a home office to your kitchen or dining room. With our advice and design services, you’ll find the perfect blend to suit your taste whether it’s meat and potatoes or brioche. Give us a call at (989) 773-2132 or contact us and let’s cook up a fabulous home office!