Go Ahead, Be Selfish

“Sharing is caring” is overrated when it comes to merging your closet with your significant other. Many find it frustrating to watch significant others take up more than their share of space or get annoyed by their general lack of organization. Does this sound like you? Do you dream of closet renovations that eliminate the need to “share?” LJ’s Kitchens and Interiors will make this dream your reality by designing you the perfect his and her closets. His and her closets save couples serious time (and headache), and make cohabitation blissfully clutter-free. Whether you’re just moving in together or have been living together for years, closet renovations should be on your must-have list.

Before you start tearing your home apart, you must consider the basics:

Determine Your Needs

First you must decide what you need in your closets and how you want that space to fit your lifestyles.

  • Take inventory of all your items in your current closet. Divide everything into categories for easy organization. This will make it easier to decide what types of compartments you need in your new space (e.g. hangers, hooks, drawers, cubbies etc.)
  • Determine what you need to keep and what you can get rid of. Narrowing down the items you wear and what you don’t will help keep clutter to a minimum. Ask yourself: “Have I worn this in the last year?” “Does this still fit?” or “Do I really need this same item in every color?” If the answer is “no,” it needs to go in the sell/donate pile.
  • How are you going to use the closet? You will need to think about what you own and how you plan to get dressed. Designing your space with this in mind will serve you best. Most-used items should go around eye-level, less-used should go below, and the least-used should go the highest. Keep this in mind when deciding what component such as drawers and hangers will go in your new space.

Once you determine what you want to keep in your new closets, you can decide what type of storage will work best. While no two closets are created equal, his and her closets share one commonality: specific storage requirements. Men and women have different lifestyles, so customizing your storage options is the way to go.

Her Closet

Closet renovations for women can be tough, but it is possible! Women tend to like the bells and whistles, beautiful areas to spend time in and gussy up for the day (or night.) Closet renovations can provide the perfect opportunity to create her sanctuary and flex as much personal style as she wants. Finally, she can have those velvet-lined jewelry drawers, shelving displays for all of her shoes and purses, and beautiful, sleek cabinetry.

His Closet

Sure, men understand women typically have more stuff than they do (even though they hate everything they own and keep wearing the same three things). However, men need their own well-designed spaces too. While their wardrobes might not be as substantial as a woman’s, it has as many varieties: jackets, shirts, pants, shoes, accessories, jewelry, bags etc. Since neither the floor nor the bed are acceptable places to put it, this stuff has to go somewhere!

What Features to Include

Unique Ways for Organizing

Your closet renovation doesn’t have to require conventional ways of organizing. Switch it up and make it your own! Adding a tie rack to your space can be good for both his and her closets. Keep his ties and belts tidy, or display her long necklaces and keep them untangled.

Hanging Rods

Hanging rods are your closet renovation must-have. They’re a great way to get a better look at your clothes and make things easily accessible. Not to mention, they keep items organized and free from getting ruined.

Hanging areas are especially great for men. Suit pants are the bane of their existence. You’ll get a weird, creasy mess in the legs by folding and storing them wrong. When you hang them right, they’ll remain neat and ready to go.

Vertical Dimensions

Don’t neglect to take advantage of all available space. This means up to the ceiling and back down to the floor. Add bins to high shelves and boxes you can roll out on the floor. It is also a smart idea to add an extra hanging rod to your closet renovation if space permits. This is great to store items you don’t use that often – great for storing off-season items. You can also throw random shoes, bags and hats there too.

A Place for Every Piece

Adding clear dividers to drawer spaces make your assortment of items easy to find. From jewelry to sunglasses, and ties to belts, dividers designate a perfect place for all the little things.

Personal Touches

Turn your closet into a space you actually want to spent time in. Decorate it with personal items to make it your own. Here you can include your favorite books, pictures, artwork and more. You might even decide to bring in a big chair and add carpet! Whatever you choose, personal touches will make this a place you can be comfortable and relax.

Island Escapes

Islands are very popular in closet renovations today. They provide table space to lay out clothes, as well as extra drawers for your delicates and other miscellaneous items.


Lighting is very important when designing closet renovations. If you do it right, the lighting can create drama by illuminating the design of the closet and showcasing all of your personal items. Chandeliers also add an elegant touch and compliment the color palette of the room.

Floor Space

Floor space is important too! Since you may be standing in your bare feet, think about placing carpet for warmth. Or, if you’re more concerned with cleanliness, opt for wood or vinyl and a simple throw rug.

While some closet renovations can be pricey, they don’t all have to be. LJ’s can custom-design you the right closet for your budget. Getting ready in the morning is an everyday ritual. No matter what you’re doing, taking the time to pick out the perfect outfit and wearing it well is important.

LJ’s is committed to providing extraordinary closet renovations throughout mid-Michigan. We are renowned for not only our quality design capabilities, but our trustworthiness, reliability and constant communication with clients. We strive to design and build beautiful closets by offering outstanding customer service and quality workmanship. We custom design for you, taking into consideration your space, style and budget needs. LJ’s offers a wide range of options to satisfy every customer’s needs. Call us today at (989) 773-2132 or Contact Us and let us design you the perfect closet renovation of your dreams!