You can’t always increase your square footage during a kitchen remodel, but you can utilize innovative storage solutions that keep everything in your workspace neat and tidy. 


Custom Pantry

Pantries are the staple of any stocked kitchen. But what sets one pantry apart from another is the ability to customize it. We can help you to design a pantry that works best for your needs whether it’s including pull-out drawers, adjustable shelves, or dedicated areas to store your appliances. 


Utensil Drawers 

We’re not talking about your typical utensil drawer organizer where all your silverware lays flat. Upright containers built-in deep drawers are perfect for housing silverware because it removes clutter from your countertop and allows enough space for the utensils to stay organized and disentangled. 


Trash Can Pull Out

Tuck that unsightly garbage can and recycling bins away with a pull-out drawer for your trash or recyclables. Not only does it keep detritus out of your line of sight, but it prevents and smells from leaking into your kitchen. Don’t take up precious floor space with a trash can!


Vertical Drawer or Slots

There are certainly some awkwardly shaped tools that don’t fit well into ordinary kitchen storage – specifically cutting boards and cookie sheets. Piling these items up on top of each other always tends to create a mess as well as a hazard. Vertical drawers or built in slots help to keep these essential utensils organized and at the ready. 


Appliance Garage Cabinets

Certain kitchen appliances are used every day, but it can become a hassle to repeatedly clean, unplug, and put away your devices. How perfect would it be to keep your Keurig machine behind cabinet doors so that all you have to do is close them when you’re done with your morning coffee? 


K-Cup Drawer Organizer

Speaking of Keurig machines, what about installing a K-Cup drawer organizer right under the appliance garage that houses your coffee machine? These drawer organizers make it easy to see what flavors you have in stock while keeping your countertops clutter-free. 


Spice Drawers

There’s nothing more annoying than digging through rows and rows of spices and then not being able to locate the one you swore you already had. Keeping your spices in order in a pull-out spice drawer helps everything in your kitchen stay tidy. 


Let LJ’s Help

Stop in or give us a call to let us assist you in creating custom kitchen storage solutions for your home!