Style is a major component in your home’s layout, but it doesn’t matter how beautiful your kitchen is if there is no flow to it. The best kitchen designs marry form and function so that you can have the best of both worlds. 

The Kitchen Work Triangle is one of the first things we take into consideration when laying out a kitchen. This method helps us to determine an efficient design by taking the three main components of a kitchen (refrigerator, stove, and sink) and ensuring that they are close, but not too close, to each other to cut down on wasted steps.

However, if you’ve got multiple functions that your kitchen needs to serve, we can modify the triangle very easily. We want to take into account your individual needs as a home cook so that we can truly design the most functional space for you. 

Love to bake? We can create a baking station for you that houses all your measuring cups, cookie sheets, and rolling pins and place it near the pantry and oven so that everything you need to bake is near. 

Are you a meal prepper? Creating a prep station that houses peelers, colanders, knives, a compost bin, or trash will help you knock out your meal preps faster than ever!

Have family members that love their beverages? Let us set up a drink station for you with your coffee accessories, tea, and a sink with a water filter. This will ensure that your family members stay out of your workspace in the kitchen. 

No matter what your family’s individual needs are, we can create a space that caters to them all. Give us a call to let us assist you in creating custom kitchen designs for your home!