Achieving Timeless Kitchen Design

You have high expectations for your new kitchen, but thoughts of a renovation raise your anxieties at the same time. Mistakes are costly. For all the effort, you want to love your new kitchen for years to come. So how do you achieve timeless kitchen design? You don’t want to live with regrets for the next twenty years.

Remodeling a kitchen is both disruptive and expensive. Anyone who has lived through a major, down-to-the-studs remodel knows how hard it is to function without a kitchen. You need to remind yourself that it will all be worth it when it’s done.

Easy as 1-2-3

So here are three simple rules. Follow them, and your kitchen design should never go out of style.

1. Fashion has its little black dress. Kitchen design has its classic white.

Go with a white kitchen and your space will never seem dated and you won’t go wrong come time to sell your house.

  • White is associated with “clean, sanitary, and healthy.” Don’t worry that an all-white kitchen will look sterile. Light and shadow create depth. Wood cabinets painted white, white subway tile, and white appliances all have different textures, creating interest.
  • White is bright. How many windows does your kitchen have? Does your kitchen receive direct light or does your only window face north? How small or large is your kitchen? White keeps your kitchen bright and airy. It helps a small kitchen live large.
  • White is right for open concept. Consider how your kitchen design blends with its surroundings. With open concept, the whole space needs to read as one. You don’t want your kitchen to stand out for the wrong reason.

LJ’s designers can help ensure that your white kitchen doesn’t go awry. Not all whites are alike. We can help you avoid putting whites with different undertones together. We can help you find the right balance between white and other colors to create a timeless kitchen design.

2. Fashion has wool, cotton, and linen. Kitchen design has marble, granite, and quartz.

Natural materials are an integral element of timeless kitchen design.

  • Has anyone ever grown tired of Carrera marble? Natural materials will never go out of style. Although granite and quartz can come in an array of colors, when it comes to countertops it is still best to stay neutral. This year’s hot color will prematurely date your kitchen in a few years.
  • What’s true for countertops is true for backsplashes. Marble mosaic tiles are timeless. So are classic white subway tiles. Ceramic and porcelain tile are made for kitchens, but keep the palette subdued. Tiles should take their color cue from natural stone.
  • Wood has natural warmth, and it’s an appropriate choice in an open concept kitchen. You want your flooring to carry throughout the space. Slate is another natural choice for your kitchen floor.

Even when you limit yourself to natural materials in a neutral palette, you can quickly become overwhelmed with all the options. LJ’s Kitchen and Interiors can help you navigate the options.

3. Fashion has accessories. Kitchen design has hardware.

Here’s where your personal flair can shine through. Have a little fun!

  • If this year’s fashion statement of a cherry red 6-burner range is too bold for you, try a small appliance instead. That bright red stand mixer on the counter packs a punch.
  • It’s easy to swap out accessories when the season changes or when a hot, new color is all the rage. Light fixtures, doorknobs and drawer pulls are a kitchen’s jewelry. Even the faucet can sparkle. And all these accessories can be updated relatively easily compared to the rest of the kitchen.
  • Walls are also easy to paint out if you need to put the house up for sale, so go bold if you feel like it! Ditto for dishtowels and window coverings.

LJ’s designers are your trusted friend who tells you to remove the piece of jewelry that’s one too many to wear. Kitchens have enough clutter without adding to the problem. Clutter is definitely not an element of timeless kitchen design! We’ll prevent you from over-designing.

Easy as Pie

Choose classic white, natural materials and accessorize for sparkle and polish. Those three simple rules can lead to timeless kitchen design. The rules are easy to remember, but not always so easy to follow when you see hundreds of cabinet, tile, and color choices.

That’s why LJ’s designers are ready to guide you through the process of creating the kitchen of your dreams. Make the call to us before you get started with your kitchen remodel. That’s another decision you can live with for years to come.


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