While some of us never need to consider it, followers of traditional Jewish traditions are required to keep “kosher” dietary guidelines and practices. This means they have to follow certain restrictions like never mixing their meat and dairy products, even when it comes to food storage, preparation and even utensils. Because meat and dairy preparation needs to be completely separate, the old style of keeping kosher meant doubling up on everything from sinks to utensils.

Unless you’re running a commercial restaurant you probably don’t need two kitchens to keep your lifestyle kosher at home. But if you’re in the market for a kitchen remodel we have some tips on how to make keeping a kosher kitchen simpler by design.


Increasing Counter Top Space

Designating separate counters for dairy and for meat will help to reduce the headache of keeping your dairy and meat prep areas kosher and separate.


Adding Cabinets & Storage

Living kosher, you’ll need two sets of pots, pans, plates, and cutlery. It’s easiest to buy distinct sets that have different styles, patterns, or colors from one another so they’re not mixed up. Having double the kitchen cookware will mean you’ll need more cabinets and pull out drawers to house each set. Keeping your dairy cookware near your dairy prep space and vice versa makes sense.


Going with A Stainless Steel Sink

Whether you have two separate sinks in your kitchen or one double sink, it’s easiest to get a sink made of stainless steel as opposed to porcelain material. Porcelain is not able to be made kosher.


LJ’s Can Help You Plan for a Kosher Kitchen!

Need help determining how to move forward with your kosher kitchen renovation? Give us a call or stop into our showroom to begin your plans.