Do you love hosting parties but dread bringing guests into your home? Perhaps your home just wasn’t designed for entertaining. LJ’s can help with new additions like wet bars, half baths, and more! Home remodeling doesn’t only improve daily living in your home and increase its value–it can also adjust how you use your home for special occasions when you invest in home entertainment options.


Home Entertainment Considerations

So what kind of home entertaining should be on your radar? You name it!

At LJ’s Kitchens and Interiors, we’re all about creating spaces for your style of life. Bookworms love our living room designs that feature cozy fireplaces and additional shelving for book collections. Sports fans love a living space built to gather around the TV, or maybe even a home theater set-up with comfy recliners and surround sound. Home theaters are perfect for movie lovers too!

Do you love to host the extended family for Sunday dinners or holiday meals? If so, then you need a kitchen that opens into dining areas with room for plenty of chairs and space for kids to play without being underfoot. Perhaps entertaining houseguests means hosting an intimate dinner party. For this scenario, you might prefer a more formal dining room, or even a wet bar in a social area.

The point is, when thinking of remodeling, you should consider these questions: what type of home entertaining you do? What types of groups of people do you need to accommodate? The answers to these questions will help ensure that you get everything you want out of your remodeling project. At LJ’s, we take the time to listen to your home entertainment needs and offer suggestions you may not have even thought of before we


Here are some current trends in home entertainment remodeling plans:

Open Concept Floorplan

It’s not just the size of your space that matters, but the flexibility and flow are equally important. With an open floorplan, you have the option of rearranging your furniture layout to accommodate a special event. This is a must for home entertaining!

To make room for more people without adding square footage, you could tuck a bench or ottoman under a console table to only pull out when you need extra seating. We have an abundance of ideas to help you keep your home cozy for the two of you and roomy enough for the whole gang!


Wet Bars

When adults get together to socialize or celebrate, few things are more appealing than an entertainment area with an accessible wet bar! Wet bars create a social setting in any space in the home. LJ’s can design wet bars for the kitchen, the living room, the rec room, and even the garage! We can offer ideas to rework your existing space for an innovative solution. Our extensive catalog of home goods and appliances includes top-of-the-line wine aerators and stackable refrigerators. Like home entertainment centers, wet bars come in all styles and can be personalized to your specific needs.

Half Baths

Your focus is on creating a great space for entertaining. Being a good host also means providing a convenient guest bath. No one wants to hike to the other side of the house or infringe on your master suite! Even a tiny powder room can have a significant impact! We’ll prove to you that having a half bath is better than not having one at all!


Outdoor Entertaining

Who says home entertainment has to be inside your home? Consider improving your home’s access to the outdoors. Put the grillmaster’s dream barbecue front and center and create separate areas for dining, conversation, and play equipment for the kids. As long as you’re dreaming, how about that spa you’ve always wanted or an outdoor fireplace? At LJ’s, we help you turn those dreams into reality!


Home Sweet Home Entertainment

Home theaters, entertainment centers, and wine fridges come in a variety of styles to blend seamlessly with the décor of your home. LJ’s expert interior designers pick elements that match your current style or can help push you into emerging trends for a bold change of pace.

Home feel too small for hosting? We can redesign your home layout to help get rid of bottlenecks so any room can be the gathering spot you envision. We can even open the family room to the big outdoors with sliders or French doors so you can make the most of the summer season!

With a bit of ingenuity, LJ’s can help you turn your home into a comfortable, welcoming space for family and guests. Give us a call and let’s get started on that project!