There never seems to be enough closet space. Shoes are piled on the floor. Hangers are packed so tight you can barely remove a blouse without ripping it. You’ve had enough! But now that the nest is empty, you can turn an empty room into the walk-in closet of your dreams!

Walk-in closets have never been more in demand. His and her closets used to be the standard, but our wardrobes have outgrown the standard reach-in closet. Requests for walk-in master closets have been on the rise. Now that the kids are gone, you can re-think and remodel your house to accommodate your new status in life.


Not just bigger—better!

But before you launch into a closet DIY project, think twice! Annexing the room next to the master suite is more than a matter of closing off one door and adding one into your bedroom. You might think, “With all this space, how hard could it be to fill it with clothes?” And you’d be thinking wrong! You’ll only end up with a bigger pile of clothes!

You need more than space; you need organized space. Without careful planning, that roomy walk-in closet will disappoint. Enlist professional help to ensure that your dream walk-in closet is realized.


Tailor-made for you

LJ’s Kitchens & Interiors is prepared to deliver you a dream come true. We’ll listen to your wish list and create an inviting walk-in closet that fits you perfectly. That’s because we all have unique needs, and we’ll take the time to customize your closet to work for you.

You know how thoughtfully we design kitchens. We’re experts at organizing and doing so with style. LJ’s uses the same principles to design your dream walk-in closet. It takes more than a clothes rod and a couple of shelves to organize your wardrobe and all that goes with it. If that were all it took, you’d already have that dreamy walk-in closet!


Meeting your needs

No detail is too small. When we sit down with you, we cover everything. We’ll even ask you about seating for your walk-in closet!

Of course, we’ll cover the basics: square footage, clothing storage needs, shoes, jewelry, accessories and any special requirements. We need to know whether your walk-in closet will also serve as a dressing room. Is this closet intended for one lucky person, or will it be shared space?

The more we learn about you and how you want to use your new space, the better the design we’ll create for you. The process might be more detailed than you realize, but the time it takes will be well worth your investment.


The process and what to expect

You’ll need to take inventory of your belongings. This is especially important if you currently store off-season clothing elsewhere in your home but would like to bring your whole wardrobe into one closet.

Begin your assessment by grouping like items. Then determine how many like items your closet needs to store:

  • How many shirts/blouses do you have?
  • How many slacks/pants do you own?
  • How many skirts/dresses? And what length?
  • How many suit jackets?
  • How many sweaters?
  • How many pairs of shoes and boots?
  • What about athletic wear?

You need to account for every item you want to store. It will help determine how many linear feet of clothes rods you need and how much shelf or drawer space to accommodate sweaters, socks and undergarments. Clothing takes up physical space, and your design needs to be large enough for all of it.


Beyond neat and tidy

We’ll custom fit clothes rods, whether single or double, with shelves and drawers to create a pleasing symmetry that’s functional as well as beautiful.

  • We take into account whether you prefer open shelves (you can fold and stack sweaters like a pro) or drawers (your stack ends up like the Leaning Tower of Pisa).
  • We’ll provide you the lighting you need. You don’t want to mistake navy for black in dim morning hours.

Once your belongings are organized, you’ll also want to personalize your space. Just as your clothing reflects your personal style, your walk-in closet should, too! From a rug to an ottoman to an island, LJ’s will help you make your space your own.

We’ll ensure that you have the perfect tie rack for your collection. Your jewelry will be at your fingertips. We’ll add any special amenities you need: a magnifying mirror to check your earrings or a full-length mirror to see the whole picture. A foldout ironing board simplifies getting the wrinkles out without making a trek to the laundry room.

A place for everything, and everything in its place: Is that your idea of a dream walk-in closet? Call LJ’s Kitchens & Interiors to turn that odd, unused space into your favorite room in the house!