Bathing your dog inside the home can be such a pain. They can be difficult to wrangle, water is guaranteed to get splashed and shook everywhere, and their nails can even scratch up your bathtub surface. But now families are finding a way to make pet grooming a lot easier in the home.

Installing a dog shower in your home can be a fantastic versatile add-on that can save you money and stress over time.

Dog showers have become a popular feature in today’s homes, and for good reasons:

  • You’ll save money by bathing your pets at home
  • They contain the mess that baths can create
  • Your dog won’t track grime through your home
  • They’re safer for your dog as they don’t have to jump over the tub’s edge
  • Easier on your back because you won’t have to lift Fido over the edge
  • You can keep all the dog washing accessories in one handy place



Pet grooming isn’t the only good use of a dog shower. There are plenty of other uses for a half shower like:

  • Rinsing off your kids or grandkids dirty feet before they run through the house
  • Cleaning your muddy rain boots
  • Washing the dirt off your gardening tools
  • Rinsing off your sandy beach chairs before putting them away
  • Leaving your wet umbrellas to dry off in the shower
  • Cleaning large items that you don’t want to bring into your everyday shower


So where do you install a dog shower? The best places would include:

  • Mudrooms
  • Garages
  • Laundry rooms
  • Half bath


LJ’s Can Help You Plan!

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