A home office is never really just an office. It’s often a multipurpose space that can perform many different functions whether that’s: running a side business, remote work, or just organizing your life and paying bills. No matter what you use your home office for, it should accommodate your many different needs and be a place where you can focus and get the job done. Here are a few tips to consider when revamping your home office space. 


It’s very important to consider the location of your home office to determine what room in your home will best serve your needs. A few things questions to ask are: How much square footage do you need? Will the location of your office lead to being easily distracted? Are you able to shut the door to focus? Will you  have a nice view from your window? 

Function AND Form 

Function should come before form, but don’t leave aesthetics by the wayside. Make your office feel like a true part of your home. You can match it to the stylings from the rest of your house whether your design taste is more traditional, contemporary, rustic, etc. 

Custom Cabinets and Bookcases 

Home offices may need more storage space than you think. Between textbooks, important documents, printers, reference books, waste baskets, and office supplies you’ll want room to store it all and hide away the more unsightly of the odds and ends. Custom cabinets are perfect for storing away the ugly office supplies you don’t want out 24/7, and bookcases are great for showing off the books you need to reference often or the awards you’ve received over the years. 

Customized Desk

While you can pick up a cheap desk at any big box store these days, designing a custom desk that fits all your individual needs will ensure you have a durable, personalized set up for years to come. Whether you want an in drawer charging station or a built-in cable management system there are many ways to approach designing a custom desk. 

We can create a space that caters to any lifestyle, no matter what you’ll use your home office for. Give us a call to let us assist you in designing the perfect space!