The idea of minimalist home design has risen in popularity over the past few decades, and it’s not surprising why. Minimalism offers simplicity, a feeling of peace and tranquility, and is a timeless design style. LJ’s experts can deliver a kitchen that is minimal in design while maximizing functionality!


Trick #1: Minimal Means Less is More!

Part of opting for a minimalist kitchen means keeping it simple, which often requires a little bit of sacrifice. A good tip is to focus on the essentials and cut the rest. A major aspect of minimalism is uniformity and clean separation between elements. Use simple, modern hardware for cabinets and drawers, and opt for flat-front cabinets over ornate designs.

These flat cabinets are incredibly sleek and contemporary.

Neutral color palettes typically look best with limited splashes of color. Too many decorations can crowd your clean look, so choose a limited amount of decorations that make a big impact.


Trick #2: Maximizing Storage Space

Kitchens store a lot of stuff, and a cluttered kitchen goes against your desired minimalist appeal. It’s easier to keep countertops clear of clutter when you have ample storage space. LJ’s can help you find cabinet solutions that optimize storage space, even in corners or unconventional kitchen layouts.


Trick #3: Hiding Appliances in Plain Sight

Many minimalist kitchens feature mono-colored kitchen cabinets, or at least stick to only one or two colors. If all of your cabinets are matching, kitchen appliances can stick out like a sore thumb. When you customize your kitchen cabinets with LJ’s we can incorporate cabinet doors onto appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers. These appliances will be hidden in plain sight and your kitchen will look clean and uniform.

While the ovens are not hidden, this refrigerator features cabinet doors to match.


Another way to hide items in the kitchen is with your own “stowaway” or “garage” for appliances. Typically, this is a cabinet with a closing door and can be used to hide small appliances like blenders, toasters, and coffee makers.

Where is the coffee maker?

There it is!


Trick #4: Introducing Induction Stovetops

One of the sleekest improvements in kitchen appliances in the latest years has been the growing popularity of induction burners. These consist of a ceramic plate that is electromagnetically heated to directly heat pans and pots for cooking. They’re incredibly efficient at heating pans and come in very appealing flat designs. Their minimalist look compliments any minimal kitchen design.


Plan Your Minimalist Kitchen with LJ’s Kitchens!

Don’t have to plan your new minimalist kitchen alone. There are hundreds of design choices to make when you’re planning, and it can be helpful to work with a professional designer who understands the work involved in rearranging a kitchen’s layout. Talk to us about your desired end result, and we can help you come up with a floor plan that meets your needs both aesthetically and functionally! You can also see more examples of contemporary kitchens in our showroom in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Visit us today!