Let’s say you have a room in your house that you’re ready to renovate. First things first, strip away all of the old appliances, furniture, and cabinetry. What could you now do with this empty room? You have a completely blank canvas ready to be filled with ideas for aesthetic beauty and functional design. Many people look through home design catalogs and order their favorite pieces to fill rooms with, but is that really taking full advantage of the opportunity you have in front of you? Rather than just filling your space, create your own custom space with the help of the professional designers at LJ’s Kitchens & Interiors!


What is “Creating a Space?”

When you create a space with LJ’s, you’re designing the room from scratch. That means you can use every square inch for your needs and design preferences! You could center the entire space around a consistent theme, or be less uniform and incorporate whatever design elements you feel like. It’s still a great idea to get design inspiration from catalogs, but don’t order those pre-fabricated pieces. Instead, you can use those ideas to order your own custom pieces with LJ’s.


Benefits of Creating a Space

So why not just fill a space with premade furniture and cabinets? Those pieces weren’t designed specifically for you. While they may fit into the room, there’s almost no guarantee they’ll all fit perfectly. You will achieve that perfect fit when you create your own space with a custom design.

After picking your materials, our designers and partners visit your home and take accurate, laser measurements and create a digital template of your space. This allows cabinet and countertop vendors to craft pieces that are perfectly built to your space’s dimensions. The end result looks incredibly more professional and complete when installation is finished.


How to Begin Creating a Space

The best part of creating your own space is that anybody can do it with a little bit of help! When you work with LJ’s designers, we ask the questions we need in order to gather information about your space’s functional needs–whether it be storage, cooking, or cleaning solutions. This info allows designers to understand how the space may need to change to accommodate gas or water lines. The other detail is design style. Once you know what kind of design style you’d like to follow (find out your design style preference here) we can help you find pieces for your home that fit that style, but will also be custom sized to fit your space.


Is It Ever Right to Fill a Space Instead?

There are cases when not every space can be custom designed due to budget constraints. Pre-fabricated cabinets and appliances are always more affordable, while custom needs incur additional costs. It’s always best to talk to our designers about your budget so we can make sure we’re designing within the correct scope.


Create a Space with LJ’s Kitchens!

Whether you know exactly what design style you prefer, or just have functional needs in mind for a space renovation, come work with LJ’s Kitchens and we’ll help you create a space that you can put your own personal touch on.