Kitchen cabinetry comes in various finishes including painted, stained, or laminated. We have noticed a trend in customers going back toward stained finishes.  Stains offer the natural beauty of the wood and have advantages, but stained cabinets may not be for everyone. Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of stained cabinets so you can make the best choice for your home.


The Benefits of Staining

The primary benefit of staining a cabinet is that the stain allows the natural beauty of the wood to shine through. With staining a lighter material/finish, it can penetrate the wood (absorb) it is a more durable finish. Wood stains come in a variety of colors whereas paint gives a different look, one that is more of a consistent and standardized look. If you’re interested in a traditional or rustic/farmhouse kitchen, stained cabinets are likely your first choice.

The other major benefit of stained kitchen cabinets is that they hide damage better. This is especially useful for families with small children or pets. Kitchen cabinets can take a lot of bumps and abuse, which can cause noticeable paint chips on painted cabinets. This isn’t the case with stained cabinetry. Bumps and other damage are a lot less noticeable.


Achieving A Consistent Stain is Difficult

An important element of kitchen design is consistency. When everything looks matching and in order, it gives the space a crisp, tidy look and feel. This is one reason some customers choose painted cabinets–they tend to look less busy and are easier to match with colorful appliances.

LJ’s feature cabinet manufacturers that have mastered the art of staining, and can consistently produce beautiful finishes. Some people love how each piece has its own unique character, but other customers prefer painted to achieve a consistent look. Each wood species takes the stain differently. That’s how we end up with so many beautiful options. Each company has their own stain colors which gives you a huge variety to choose from.


Not Sure? Let Your Other Choices Guide You

If you’re starting to second-guess whether you want painted or stained cabinets, you can always let your other design choices guide you. Do you know which kitchen design style you gravitate toward? You can always find out with our Style Quiz!

Your style can influence your cabinet and appliance choices. Stained cabinets look wonderful in any kitchen, but depending on your other design elements you may choose a different path for your space. Please discuss your vision with one of our designers and they can guide you into a cohesive design plan.


Work with LJ’s Kitchens to Get Beautiful Stained Cabinets

We have been working with our cabinet manufacturers for decades. We know who to turn to for the best job when working on your space. Our designers will help you avoid the wrong choices and ensure you get the most out of your project.


You can also check real examples of stained cabinet kitchens at our showroom! See our hours and visit us in Mt. Pleasant!