A kitchen remodel can be like a breath of fresh air in your life. You can transform the whole feel of your home by changing just one room, and you can even add value to your home! However, there are some considerations to make before a remodel. That’s why it helps to do your research. You could always head to the experts at LJ’s Kitchens & Interiors, and we’ll help you do a rigorous pre-planning of your kitchen remodel before you start. Here are some of the common pitfalls we try to avoid. 

1. Changing Your Mind Midway Through Installation

Rushing into a huge project is never a good idea, especially since obstacles commonly arise when you don’t properly plan. Many remodels face obstacles and homeowners are forced to make changes or compromises. These will greatly stall the work and can be very costly. LJ’s will help make sure you have your design plans in order before the work begins on your kitchen.


2. Not Properly Utilizing Your Space

In kitchen design, the space between the fridge, sink, and cooktop is referred to as the “kitchen work triangle.” You don’t want to have to walk 20 feet from the fridge to the sink to rinse off veggies. These elements should be close, but not too close, in order to save yourself steps when preparing food. LJ’s Kitchens & Interiors expert designers will help you think efficiently when planning your kitchen layout.


3. Making Walkways Too Narrow

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get around your kitchen while cooking and entertaining guests only to bump elbows every time you move. Depending on the size of your kitchen and how you intend to use it, walkways should be anywhere from 36” to 48” wide.


4. Not Overseeing the Renovation

Don’t plan a vacation during your remodel, especially during the beginning and end phases of the process when adjustments may need to be made. You don’t want to come back from a holiday to find some decision had to be made that you don’t particularly like.


5. Not Properly Planning for Your Lifestyle

How busy does your kitchen get? Do you commonly have lots of friends and family over for meals? Or is it just you and your significant other at home? It’s important to try and forecast what primary uses you’ll get out of your kitchen so you can create a design that fits all your needs.


6. Skimping on Storage

You can always use more storage space! There are so many unused areas in a kitchen that are perfect for your storage needs. Extra storage means you’re more likely to keep those countertops clean and ready for mealtime.


LJ’s Can Help You Plan!

Need help determining how to move forward with your kitchen renovation? Give us a call at 989-773-2132 or stop into our showroom to begin your plans.