Sometimes interior design is about making the most out of what you have. In typically every kitchen, the appliances and cabinetry are aligned along the walls–but this isn’t always the best use of space in larger kitchens. A kitchen island can be the perfect addition to an open kitchen for many reasons. Here’s just a few.

Increased Meal Prep Space

Countertop space can be hard to come by, but adding a kitchen island can solve that problem. Not only will an island add value to your home, but it will add value to your family as well! More countertops mean a bigger space to meal prep, bake, and enjoy time with your loved ones. It can also create more locations for microwaves, toasters, and other smaller appliances.

Additional Storage

Storage space is another obstacle when it comes to kitchen designs. Installing a kitchen island can provide an abundance of storage whether it utilizes open shelving, drawers, cabinets, or a mix of all three options.

Casual Seating

Adding bar stools to your kitchen island is a great way to create a cozy dining space in your home. With extra seating, the island opens up for a whole host of activities such as: a homework space for kids, supplemental dining space during parties, a board game night, scrapbooking, or a place for curious children to sit and watch you cook!


Natural Division of Space

Kitchen islands help establish a break in your open kitchen space. On one side, you have your cooking and preparation space, and on the other perhaps seating or drink stations. Creating a division can help keep unwanted guests out of the way of the cook while they work.


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