A cluttered bathroom is a sure-fire way to start off your morning on the wrong foot! The last thing you need when beginning your day is a tangle of cords to get wrapped in, dirty laundry scattered across the floor, and a 10-minute hunt to find the right concealer. Give yourself the gift of an organized and zen-like space every morning. Here are some of the common ways we at LJ’s help our clients keep their bathrooms tidy and neat.

Vanity Grooming Rack

While the bottom of this rack can hold shampoos, conditioners, and other toiletries, it’s the top of the rack that really impresses! Stainless steel cups are mounted on the top of the rack to safely store your blow dryer, curling iron, or hair straightener. You can even install a power station to plug the appliances in so you never have to worry about your countertop being cluttered.

Linen Top Mount

Don’t take up precious floor space with a hamper! Instead, tuck it away into your cabinet for a sleek and decluttered space.

Pull Out Cabinet With Shelves

Perfect for showing you all your stored items at a glance! Whether you use it to store makeup, toilet paper, or kids bath toys, it’ll help you to keep a serene space in your bathroom.

Vanity Drawer Divider

This divider will save you time in the morning since all your cosmetics can be easily stored.

Toe Kick Drawer

If your bathroom is short on space you’ll definitely want to invest in a toe kick drawer or two. Placed between the cabinet and the floor, a toe kick drawer utilizes the normally empty space for additional storage.

LJ’s is Here to Help!

No matter what storage solutions are needed in your bathroom, LJ’s can create the serene bathroom you deserve. Give us a call to start the process!