Winter can be a whole lot enjoyable if you start planning for it now. It may seem a bit premature as we’re in the middle of the summer, but proper planning means you could finish an entire bathroom spa remodel before the temperature gets much colder. Here are a few bathroom remodeling suggestions you can get started on now so that you can brave next winter with a smile.



Is your bathtub original to the house? It’s time to upgrade to something a little more luxurious. Transform your bathroom into your own personal spa with a new tub to fit your needs. Whether it’s a soak tub, has whirlpool features, or something else, upgrading from your current cramped bathtub will take your bathroom to the next level.


Heated Flooring

One of the worst sensations is stepping out of a warm, refreshing shower or bath and onto cold tile floors. Not only will heated flooring make winter much more bearable on your feet, but it can also heat the rest of the room up pretty well too!


Heated Towel Rack

If you’re set on revamping your bathroom into your own personal spa space, heated towel racks are a must! There’s nothing more splendid than wrapping yourself up in a warm, dry towel in the frigid winter months.



It may not seem like the most exciting upgrade, but if you want a truly zen like atmosphere in your bathroom you need to upgrade your cabinets. Not only will new cabinets bring your design together, but ensuring ample storage space will keep clutter out of the way so all you need to focus on is relaxing.



LJ’s is Here to Help!

No matter what vision you have for your bathroom remodel, LJ’s Kitchens can create that space for you. Give us a call to let us help get you the perfect bathroom before old man winter comes.