How long have you been dreaming about a nicer backyard? Maybe you’ve been fantasizing about adding in an outdoor kitchen to spend more time outside while the weather permits. Well it’s almost summer, so let LJ’s Kitchens & Interiors help make your backyard remodel dream a reality!

No matter what new feature you want installed in your yard, you’ll probably also want nice landscaping to complement the design. Before you call in a landscaper, make sure to call LJ’s up first! It’s important to plan how best to use the space available before any landscaping begins so that you’re not working around the scenery and limiting what options you have with your outdoor area. Once your design is set for your outdoor kitchen and any other additions, we’re happy to work hand-in-hand with whichever company you choose to create that perfect outdoor oasis.

At LJ’s we can make any of your outdoor dreams come to life. Some of the design elements we’ve created in the past are:


Outdoor Grills

We partner with vendors like Coyote Outdoor to bring you a great selection of outdoor grills to use in your newly designed space. These grills include smart features such as backlit control knobs for cooking as the sun goes down, or stainless steel construction to handle the rain and weather wear. Grills are available in various sizes depending on your outdoor kitchen layout, and are available in both gas and charcoal.


Bars & Islands

Outdoor islands solve the problem of missing countertop space. These structures are typically made of stone, and can be stylized to act as decorations for the backyard as well. Islands can be fitted with cabinets, grills, sinks, coolers or more.


Outdoor Cabinets

The most important detail in an outdoor cabinet is a good seal to keep the elements out. Our partner vendor Coyote Outdoor uses stainless steel to create sturdy seals and cabinets that will last through the seasons. Outdoor cabinet options are as limitless as the configurations for indoor cabinets–with options for spice racks, pull-out drawers, multiple doors, trash can storage and more.


Refrigerators & Coolers

What really separates an outdoor kitchen from an everyday portable grill is the ability to add sinks and refrigerators. Islands can be equipped with fully functional sinks, drop-in coolers, pull-out ice chests, or full refrigerators for keeping drinks stocked and cooled. This way you don’t need to run back into the house for some ice!


Let’s Start Planning!

LJ’s provides design expertise and installation when it comes to planning an outdoor kitchen of your dreams! Contact Us and speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff about your design and material needs. We can help you start planning your outdoor kitchen today!