Dreaming of a wet or dry bar in your home, but not sure where it would go? Good news! You don’t need a lot of space in your home to have an awesome wet or dry bar.

Our designers at LJ’s have plenty of experience in designing home bars for all types of spaces. If you love to entertain, a wet or dry bar will change the game! Here are a few features to consider when designing the home bar of your dreams.

What is the Difference Between a Wet Bar and Dry Bar?

The only real difference between a wet and dry bar is that a wet bar has a sink. This is perfect for rinsing and washing glasses right where you’re preparing drinks. If you don’t feel like working with new plumbing, then a dry bar is better for you. However, the additional plumbing does give you the option of installing a small dishwasher for more convenience.



Cabinets to stash away all your glasses and bar accessories are a must! You can even invest in glass windows on cabinets to display all your favorite wine and cocktail glasses as well as other extras. For an authentic wet or dry bar look, high shelves to display your collection of liquors and spirits is a must!



Keeping all your drinks, snacks, and amenities chilled is a must for a home bar. The size fridge you’ll want depends on the amount of space you have to work. You can go for a trendy minifridge that looks much classier than those you’d find in a college dorm room, and it can tucker perfectly under your countertops. Alternatively, you can go with a luxurious full size refrigerator if you have the space!



A microwave can be a delightful addition to your home bar, especially if it’s in the basement! But don’t take up valuable counter space with a large appliance. Instead, invest in a microwave pull-out drawer that can be built into your lower cabinets. Imagine your guests’ surprise!

Ready to Entertain?

LJ’s can help make your home bar dreams a reality! Stop into our showroom today to talk to one of our designers about your vision for a wet bar or dry bar.