Imagine going through an entire kitchen remodel: working with a designer through your various options, picking the perfect countertop material for your needs, waiting throughout the entire installation, and then you find that your granite countertops don’t even fit correctly to your wall! This nightmare is a reality for some unfortunate homeowners. But how does this happen to professional contractors? We at LJ’s Kitchens have found the solution to this problem.


Walls Aren’t Always Straight

As we’ve assisted on thousands of cabinet and countertop installations throughout the decades, we’ve learned something: when you’re measuring, you can’t assume that walls are actually straight and that your corners are perfectly square. The ideal look is for your countertop to be flush against your wall, but your wall may bow out or your corner may not be square. It’s nearly impossible to see this with your naked eye because the variations are so small. However, any variation along that wall span will become much more noticeable once you place the countertop as you’ll see unsightly gaps or crevices.


How Does LJ’s Ensure a Perfect Fit?

The perfect fitting countertop comes from an accurate measure. While a tape measurer can tell us the length of a wall, it doesn’t notice the variation. That’s why we at LJ’s Kitchens have invested in advanced digital measuring technology. We employ special laser sensors which can measure along the depth of the wall at every six-to-eight inches to pick up on the smallest variations. The lasers feed this data back into the camera which processes it into a digital template – or digital rendering of the exact dimensions. This template is given to the countertop producers who can then cut an exact fit to those measurements. The countertop material is cut by robotic machines with extreme accuracy.


More Benefits of Digital Templating

Laser measuring allows LJ’s to create perfect-fitting countertops. It also drastically reduces the time it takes to create the template compared to the traditional wood method. With the benefits of speed and accuracy, why would any contractor stick with the old way of templating? Investing in digital measuring equipment is costly, and some contractors can’t afford the upgrade.



Are You Looking at Getting Premium Countertops for Your Kitchen?

If you’re ready to install new countertops into your home, LJ’s has a lot of great options to choose from. We work with some of the best vendors in granite, quarts, marble, laminate, and Corian countertops. And the best part is you’ll get a perfect fit! We use our laser measuring technology on all of our homes we work with, so there’s no additional cost for the service. You can even visit our showroom in Mt. Pleasant and see real examples of all of our countertop options. We can help you increase your working prep space, storage capacity and make your kitchen layout work for your needs. Plus, you can rely on our experience and knowledge to make sure your installation goes well and you get the quality look you’re expecting. We’re here to do right by you! Want to schedule an appointment to visit us? Contact us now!