Trends That Aren’t Fads

It is important to balance trendiness with classic elements when deciding on a bathroom design. Remodeling a bathroom is an expensive home improvement that you’d like to last for a few decades. We’ve compiled 11 of the best bathroom design trends that will help guide you to this end.

Your bathroom is the first room you spend time in to get ready for the day. When you’re warm in bed and the alarm goes off, why not make it more enticing to get out of bed instead of hitting ‘snooze’? The bathroom also serves as the place where you wind down before bed. You spend every day in the bathroom, so why not make it a pleasant place to spend time in, rather than an afterthought?

Since the bathroom is such an important room, however, you don’t want to remodel a bathroom just to find you’re not happy with the design within a year.

So, what’s a homeowner to do? Check out these top 11 ideas for 2017 in bathroom design that are exciting, but should stand the test of time.

11 of the best bathroom design trends that can help you update your space, but not fall out of style:

  1. Create a focal point
  2. White subway tiles
  3. Electronics
  4. Easily accessible shower
  5. Spa shower
  6. Heated tile
  7. Towel warmers
  8. Plants
  9. Strategic storage
  10. Pet-friendly bathrooms
  11. Trendy accessories

Why is it that some trends have staying power and others do not? Can you be cool and practical at the same time? Let’s take a closer look at 11 reasons why the answer is ‘yes.’

Bathroom Design Do’s

  1. Trend: Create a focal point
    Key elements: Use a shiny surface in a specific area of the room; for example, use a glossy material or finish on one wall in order to draw the eye to a statement piece that makes your bathroom special.
    Why it works: The eye doesn’t get overwhelmed by elements competing for attention. While this is a trend, really it’s just good design!
    Tip: The shiny surfaces will also give the illusion of a bigger bathroom. Just don’t go overboard because too much might make the room look sterile and austere.
  2. Trend: White subway tiles
    Key elements
    : White
    Why it works: White makes spaces look bigger. White also invokes a sense of clean, which is a good thing for a bathroom! White is neutral and goes with everything, color and style-wise. You can never go wrong with white, as it is classic and lasting.
    Tip: Consider using gray, black, or another dark color of grout between subway tiles. It is less apt to show stains. That’s the one drawback of white: It shows everything! However, in this case we’re not talking about putting in white carpeting in a dinning room; we’re talking about white surfaces that will clean up well. Besides, who’s drinking grape juice in the bathroom?
  3. Trend: Electronics
    Key elements
    : Add electronics in the form of wireless speakers, a docking station, and Bluetooth capability in your showerhead, mirrors, or vanity.
    Why it works: You can always opt not to listen to music or other media if you want to keep it Zen; however, this way you have the option of listening to soothing music while you take a bath, singing the latest pop song in the shower, or catching up on the news and hearing how your stocks are doing. You aren’t limited.
  4. Trend: Easily accessible shower
    Key elements: Easily accessible showers are referred to as “no-curb,” “borderless,” and “frameless” showers.
    Why it works: You might be young now; however, if you plan to stay in your home, you won’t have to worry about getting in and out of the shower when you are older because there is nothing to step over. No need to remodel later. This bathroom design also gives the illusion that the bathroom is more spacious.
    Tips: Seal the shower area and use tiling over it, make sure the floor slants toward the shower to make it easier for the water to drain, position items you don’t want wet at a proper distance from the shower, and wipe down puddles after you shower.
  5. Trend: Spa shower
    Key elements: More spacious; tiled; sometimes includes a bench; storage space to store bathroom items like shampoo, conditioner, soap, and towels.
    Why it works: It’s nice to enjoy a shower, rather than feeling cramped into a small space. It’s refreshing to luxuriate in a shower rather than have it only serve the utilitarian purpose of getting clean as fast as you can and then getting out. A cliché is applicable to this bathroom design: Life is short – enjoy it!
  6. Trend: Heated tile
    Key elements
    : Radiant floor heat warms your feet. And if your feet are warm, usually the rest of your body will warm up quickly. This bathroom design is luxurious and energy efficient.
    Why it works: The feature is invisible, so there won’t be any buyer’s remorse over outdated aesthetics in the coming years. What’s not to love? You’re more comfortable and helping the environment at the same time. This truly makes it one of the best bathroom design trends.
    Additional info: Radiant flooring comes in two choices: electric or hydronic. Electric mats utilize your current electric system, making it easier to set up. Hydronic mats need a separate power source, such as a heat pump. Hydronic systems have a higher upfront cost, but are more economical in the long run.
  7. Trend: Towel warmers
    Key elements
    : Plug-in towel racks mounted on the bathroom wall
    Why it works
    : Who doesn’t like a warm towel after stepping out of a hot shower into the colder air?
  8. Trend: Plants
    Key elements: Hanging and stationary plants
    Why it works: When the trend is over, you can easily relocate the plants in your living room. But we don’t know why you would want to! Plants are soothing and help you relax. They add oxygen to the air. Living things also give your space an inviting feeling – they make a house a home.
  9. Trend: Strategic storage
    Key elements
    : Built-in cabinets, an armoire, or open shelving
    Why it works: You can never have enough space! You’ll appreciate everything having a proper place so that the bathroom can look tidy when everything’s put away. It helps you stay organized. Even if you’re a minimalist, it’s nice to have extra items on hand for guests or space to stock up on items so you can make fewer trips to the store.
  10. Trend: Pet-friendly bathrooms
    Key elements: Washing zones for dogs, built-in kitty litter boxes
    Why it works: You can use an additional sprayer installed in the bathroom at waist height that allows you to give your dog a bath without the awkwardness or making a mess. You can save time going to the groomers. Saving time never goes out of style!
  11. Trend: Trendy accessories
    Key elements: Towels, shower curtains, bathmats, tooth brushes and soap dispensers. Even swap in a throw rug in place of a bathmat for an unexpected look. Feel free to incorporate bold colors, geometric shapes, and funky honeycomb and fish scale patterns on shower curtains and towels. While these aforementioned styles are on-trend right now for bathroom floor tiling, switching towels is a lot more practical. What’s more, simple and minimalist is projected to be on trend soon. Just as soon as you put in your floor tiles, you would be ripping them out again! Lastly, dark bathrooms are projected to be all the rage. However, you don’t want to install this trend only to get depressed! There’s a reason classic is always in style.
    Why it works: You can have a lot of fun with decorating via your bathroom design, but it’s not hard to change to another bold trend or to something neutral.

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