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Mudrooms are important. They provide extra storage and help us maintain a clean home. Without this utilitarian room, we’d be tracking in mud on the floor and snow from our boots would seep through carpeting. A mudroom keeps the messes we drag in from the outside contained! It’s great to have a room that brings order to what could be a mess. However, how do you design an efficient mudroom? We’ve put together 10 essentials for an efficient mudroom to make sure you’re getting the most out of your space!

Design Matters

You want to create a stylish, yet functional and efficient mudroom. You see your mudroom almost every day and it’s what welcomes you and your visitors. There’s nothing like coming home from a long day’s work to see good design with a place for everything.

Mudrooms must be equipped to handle shoes, boots, wet clothes, and of course the mud and snow that come with it. Even with all the utility that a mudroom demands, there are ways to make it elegant, stylish, and function up to its full potential.

This may seem like quite a task for one room, but don’t fear – it can be done!

Here are 10 essentials for an efficient mudroom:

  1. Rug
  2. Boot trays
  3. Washer and dryer
  4. Utility sink
  5. Bench
  6. Small table
  7. Hooks
  8. Cubbies
  9. Baskets
  10. Umbrella holder

We hope that by implementing these ideas, your mudroom can be transformed into an efficient mudroom that serves you well for years to come.


Boots, shoes, and even paws, all can track in water, gravel, dirt, and debris from outside. That’s why a durable rug is a smart investment. Keep in mind that it will soon have dirty water and mud making a beeline for it. In other words, don’t pick a white snowflake scene – even if it’s cute. It won’t be cute for long. Consider a darker rug that’s not a solid color.

Rugs are beautiful, easy to clean, and a lot easier to replace than flooring!

Boot trays

Collect rainwater and melting snow. A great way to contain the mess and easy to clean.

Washer and dryer

Not sure which room makes sense to put your washer and dryer? Consider your mudroom. No dripping your way to the laundry room!

Utility sink

Utility sinks are great for cleaning gardening tools, shoes, and even dogs. If you need something or someone clean, a deep sink is your best bet!


A bench is a great place to sit and lace up shoes or take them off without tipping over and stepping in the puddle your boots just created on the floor!

Adding a couple of throw pillows adds character and it’s a place to inject your personal style. It can also provide storage underneath. We love it when things have storage built in!

Any bench will work, but tree benches are perfect since they typically have shelving and hooks already built in. There are many styles available, so it’s another opportunity to express yourself through your space.

Small table

Life gets hectic. When we envision our ideal room, sometimes we imagine that we’ll have time to keep things in order even during a crazy workweek if we only have enough self control. But cut yourself some slack! Sometimes we are genuinely too busy to tidy up if we stopped by the grocery store on the way home from work and have an evening activity that causes us to rush out the door.

Planning a place where you can quickly set down purses, keys, and mail will keep things tidy. Having a dedicated place for keys also saves you from misplacing them.


You might feel like you’re back in grade school, but whoever came up with hooks made a utilitarian and elegant way to organize. Quicker than hangers, easier for young children to manage, and displaying pops of color and pattern … what’s not to love?

Plus it’s easy for the whole family to access coats at the same time so you can either get where you’re going or get in from the cold! Also, you don’t need another room to create a space for outerwear. That’s what we call efficiently using your space!

In addition to convenience, it’s also practical. Hooks allow air to circulate, drying your wet jackets and coats.


A great place for shoes, bags, and backpacks, organized in a way that saves floor space.


Find baskets that fit into your cubbies. When you have a lot of miscellaneous items it’s a good way to keep things quickly organized. Store hats, mittens, and scarfs or whatever else you need for those cold days.

Umbrella holder

Consider stocking an umbrella holder chock-full of umbrellas. That way if you have guests over and it unexpectedly rains, you’ll have extras you can give to them. It’s a great way to show hospitality.

Bottom line

Mudrooms are great, and hopefully these tips will make yours even better!

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